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PEGA0027 alert: Number of rows exceeds database list limit

The PEGA0027 alert is triggered when a list operation on the PegaRULES database list returns more rows than the threshold count limit.

Example message text

Database ResultSet list returned more than 25,000 rows: 26,221. SQL: select pzPVStream from pr4_base where pxObjClass = ?*

Default prconfig.xml settings

<env name="alerts/database/rowReadThreshold" value="25000" />

The default number of rows is 25,000.

Reasons for the alert

Identify the operation that fetches 25,000 or more rows (or the threshold count you set up). Determine whether the operation occurs frequently, whether all of the rows are needed, and whether the search criteria can be improved to reduce the number of rows that are returned.

You can disable this alert for a single interaction by setting the ignoreDBByteGovenor flag.