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Selecting Criteria Values from a List

For string and number criteria available on the Data fields tab, you can select the In list search operator to view, search for, and select filter values for the criterion from a list of possible values.

The items grid in the criteria editor lists the values that are currently selected for the criterion.

Note: For best performance, optimize the properties which you want to use as Segment criteria. For more information, see Configuring the customer class manually.

  1. Select the In list search operator, and then click Select items to open the Select items dialog box.
  2. Pick one or more values from a list of existing values for the criterion.
  3. To find specific values, enter the search text in the Search field, and then click the search icon.
  4. To add or remove individual items, select or clear the check box next to an item. You can select or clear multiple items.
  5. To add or remove all items, click Select all or Deselect all.
  6. To exclude customers from the results who have any of the selected values as their value for the criterion, select Exclude.
  7. To include customers that do not have a value specified for the selected criterion, select Include missing values.
  8. Click Apply.