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Learning about Pega Cloud Services

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This content applies only to Cloud environments.

Pega Cloud Services values


Pega Cloud Services Overview

The Pega Cloud Subscription provides a fully managed cloud service platform running Pega Infinity and Pega’s Strategic Business Applications as-a-Service. Pega owns and manages Pega Cloud Services, and provides clients with global and regional support models for 24x7 operations, security and monitoring to support the most demanding enterprise applications. Pega has devoted years of significant engineering to provide a complete ecosystem to run clients’ mission-critical Pega workloads.  

A list of our services includes:

  • Operational system support and monitoring
  • Fault tolerant environments with multi-layer redundancy and backups
  • Fully scalable environments not constrained by server resource limits
  • Secure and hardened environments built with
    • Host-Based FW & IDS
    • Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware
    • File Integrity Monitoring
    • Data Management Services
    • Resiliency & Backup services built in
    • Management of Operating System
    • Network and Firewall configurations
    • Encryption of Data-At-Rest and Data-In-Transit
  • Pega Cloud is backed by a Production Availability SLA and a security/compliance strategy to support the strictest security postures that your business requires.

Pega Cloud assumes the responsibility for preparing and hosting comprehensive compliance audits, offering a Cloud service that has been independently audited and attested by many industries’ most demanding compliance requirements.  See the Pega Trust Center for details.

Pega Cloud Services - Choosing the right cloud

Pega Cloud provides a complete platform service offering where you forgo the complexities of running Pega on your client-managed cloud (leveraging cloud infrastructure providers such as Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), or on your own on-premises network). Pega Cloud clients quickly realize significantly-improved value that is achieved by having Pega run Pega applications for them.  Pega Cloud provides clients with a cloud service that has out-of-the-box security and controls to dramatically improve time to market. When clients require audits or attestations, the benefits are even more dramatic.

What this means for you, our client, is that you can focus on your core business and remove yourself from worrying about IT and managing systems/cloud environments. Who better to run your Pega platform than Pega?

Pega Cloud Services provides:

  • Time to Value
  • Services Ready When You Are
  • Security & Privacy
  • High Availability
  • Platform Transparency
  • Continuous Updates

Time to Value

Why Pega Cloud Services?

With Pega Cloud Services, Pegasystems provides cloud services for hosting, managing and monitoring a Pega application.  During onboarding, Pega provisions each client with cloud services which provide isolated Pega environments for development, testing, and fault-tolerant production services. Pega Cloud environments are encrypted with a minimum 256-bit encryption of all data-at-rest to ensure clients have complete confidence in their information security.

Pega Cloud provides the appropriate amount of computing resources and storage to support your licensed business metrics while committing to a Production availability SLA (Service Level Agreement) of 99.95%.   Pega Cloud has been proven to deliver a 20,000 concurrent user application with sub-second screen response times for a major bank, and processes over a million claims transactions in under 45 minutes for a major insurer.  Pega Cloud is architected to ensure your business does not need to worry about the platform or infrastructure and can feel confident in an enterprise class ‘Pega-as-a-Service’ solution.

Our clients elect to use the Pega Cloud services for several reasons:

  1. Faster time to market: Pega provisions production environments scaled to support the entire business solution with the reliability to ensure your applications are available 24x7.  Pega Cloud environments are available and operational in days, vs. weeks or months with traditional infrastructure approaches.
  2. Lower TCO: In this cost-conscious economy, Pega provides our clients with a flat, predictable, monthly operational expense that is all-inclusive of equipment, software and personnel – so that clients can immediately tie the business case and ROI for the solution to business metrics, and avoid a large capital expense.
  3. Enterprise-grade security and scalability:  Pega routinely meets and exceeds clients’ own internal security, performance and reliability needs.
  4. Keeping your Pega solution current to allow you to continuously innovate.

Environment Services and Package Description

Today’s market conditions demand speed and agility from all businesses.  We provide your Pega Cloud Services environments shortly after you sign on and get you started on your Pega journey.  For details on our Subscription Packages and environments, see Understanding Pega Cloud Services Subscription Provisioning.

Pega Global Client Support

Pega Cloud Services provides each client with access to Pega Global Client Support (GCS) premium-level service for assistance with:

  • Problems encountered during application development
  • Issues encountered during standard use or testing
  • Environmental issues, including performance and configuration problems with the product
  • Upgrade or migration problems
  • Other software use or operation errors

For details, please see Support and Help resources.

Services Ready When You Are

Pega Cloud Services provides a fully managed service, deploying, managing and monitoring our client’s Pega application in isolated Pega environments for development, testing, and fault-tolerant production services.  Pega also provides additional optional deployment services, including:

Integration:  We recognize our clients won’t run Pega apps as an ‘island’ but rather as part of an integrated collection of systems that automate and streamline their internal operations.  With that in mind, Pega Cloud Services includes support for numerous integration capabilities that can be licensed by the client.  For details, see Integrating Pega applications in Pega Cloud with external systems.

Agile Studio:  The Pega agile project management system enables your application development teams and your stakeholders to execute your projects using the industry best practice Scrum methodology. Agile Studio integrates with Dev Studio (in the Pega Platform™) for traceability between your developer environment and your project management system. As part of implementing your Pega applications, Pega strongly recommends that you use Agile Studio to track your projects’ status.

Deployment Manager:  In order to make it easier for your DevOps engineers to migrate application changes from your Dev/Test system through Staging to Production, Pega can provide the Deployment Manager. Deployment Manager is a simple, ready-to-use application that offers built-in DevOps capabilities to users. It leverages the Pegasystems case-management technology to manage an automated orchestration engine, enabling you to efficiently build and run your CICD pipelines.

Security and Privacy

Pega supports some of the largest clients with the most complex business needs in the world.  Pega Cloud Services always keeps security central and top-of-mind when working with these clients.  We provide isolated cloud services for each client, with full data encryption, and third-party attested/certified cloud services. 

Pega and the client are jointly responsible for security in Pega Cloud Services:

Pega Cloud services offers a robust set of networking and security controls that enable clients to leverage the power of Pega Platform and strategic applications as a cloud-delivered service. Your services are isolated from other clients, and include sandbox and production environments. Pega supports isolated and secure networking, and you can schedule work without affecting other clients. 

Pega keeps pace with emerging and established international and local compliance standards and regulations; we maintain extensive compliance certifications and attestations, plus third-party assessments.  Visit our Trust Center for details on our Compliance Certifications and Attestations.

If clients need private connectivity, Pega Cloud offers an optional IPsec virtual private network (VPN) connection that provides access between the client location and the client’s Pega Cloud Services environment.  Pega Cloud also supports AWS Direct Connect (for clients who may prefer a dedicated line) and VPC peering (for clients who would like to integrate Pega Cloud with other workloads they may have running in AWS).

For details, please see Private Connectivity for Pega Cloud Services.   

High Availability

Business today demands underlying systems be up and available to support nearly constant work.  We provide a highly available, fault-tolerant and resilient architecture that includes a 99.95% availability SLA for your Pega solutions.  For details, see Service level agreement for Pega Cloud Services.

Pega Cloud Services Subscription includes deployment into one AWS Region.  Clients select the region into which they want their Pega Cloud Services to be deployed, either to meet legal locational requirements or to be located closer to their users. Pega Cloud Services provisions client sandbox(s) and production environments into the selected region, with service components deployed across availability zones for resiliency and scale.

Pega Cloud is currently available to be deployed into numerous AWS regions; see Regional Deployment Availability in the Pega Cloud Services capabilities overview.

Pegasystems is committed to preventive safeguarding of the Pega Cloud network and high availability of Pega Cloud client environments.  Pega Cloud Operations maintains a disaster recovery plan that is used by incident responders in the event of a multiple-client Severity-1 incident (as defined in the plan), and which prepares the team to rapidly respond and efficiently recover service to affected Pega Cloud clients.  See Disaster Recovery.

Pega Cloud Production Services provides various levels of backup and redundancy for client data, to provide full recovery of environments in the event of service disruption or failure.  For details, see Data backup, data restoration, and data recovery for Pega Cloud Services.

Platform Transparency

Infrastructure monitoring:  To deliver a highly-available service, the Pega Cloud Services reliability team monitors the health of Pega Cloud environments with 24x365 support from strategically located Service Reliability Centers. The team, a collection of Pega application experts, database administrators, and service reliability engineers, delivers Pega-specific expertise to manage your Pega Cloud Service environments. See the Infrastructure Monitoring section of Monitoring your Pega Cloud Services environments

Monitoring Architecture:  The Pega Cloud Service reliability team leverages industry-leading monitoring tools, including Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud, to translate infrastructure and application activity into real-time dashboards.  Pega Cloud Services monitoring tools gather data at each level of the client’s environment.  For details, see the Monitoring architecture section of Monitoring your Pega Cloud Services environments.

You can access your logs in different ways.  See Pega Cloud Services Self-service.

Pega Cloud® Services provides add-on Pega Platform™ log streaming. By integrating an existing Splunk logging service with Pega Cloud Services, you can customize your Pega Platform application monitoring and more efficiently manage your Pega Platform logs. Log streaming gives you continual access to the Pega Platform logs in any of your Pega Cloud environments.   For details, see Pega Cloud log streaming service.

Continuous Updates

Pega is constantly delivering new capabilities in our products and services.  Pega Cloud makes it easy for you to stay current, allowing you to maximize your investment and continuously innovate.  See How Pega Cloud keeps your environment up-to-date.

Additional Options

We actively support clients who run as few as dozens and as many as tens of thousands of users, many of whom have grown and scaled up with us over time.  To provide this scalability, Pega Cloud offers services beyond those included in standard subscriptions. These additional options include:

  • Production Mirror Sandbox
  • Business Operations Environment (specific to clients who subscribe to the Strategy Optimizer bundle as part of the Customer Decision Hub solution)
  • Cloud Data Storage
  • Cloud File Storage
  • Decision Data Storage (specific to clients who subscribe to Pega Decisioning services)
  • Private connectivity

For details on our additional services, see Understanding Pega Cloud Services Subscription Provisioning.


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