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Pega Customer Service 8.3.1

Suggest edit Updated on April 22, 2022

Pega Customer Service 8.3.1 includes fixes for customer-reported issues or internally-identified issues.

Note: This patch requires Pega Platform version 8.3.1 or later.

Resolved issues in Pega Customer Service 8.3.1

Issue IDDescriptionVersion fixed

Hide "Powered by Pega" in the Chat Window Footer.

Customers have no way to hide the ‘Powered by Pega’ reference at the bottom of the chatbot/chat end-user facing widget as it is in a final rule section. An overridable section has been added to the pzSubmitArea section and the customer can blank it out.

8.2 hotfix

pyGetAllFollowedCases throws exception.

After launching the interaction portal, on click of a followed case, an exception is thrown in logs “pxUrgencyWork Cannot use an unexposed property as there is no BLOB column for the class:”

There is no functionality impact from the error. The error was removed.

Call Control Accessibility

This Hotfix addresses a number of accessibility bugs in the Call phone control.

The following are the issues fixed.
  • Pega call phone icons have no alternative text.
  • A link has been used to perform the function of a button or vice versa.
  • When a user submits a form and an error is detected, non-sighted users aren't aware of the error notification.
SR-D85471Email Window Issue with KM ArticleMakes it easier to review a knowledge article while responding to an email interaction (reduces the overlap between the two sections). This is accomplished by allowing the compose window to move to a different part of screen real-estate, a feature that was productized as part of the Pega Customer Service 8.5 release.
SR-D46414PegaCDH Connector Errors While Decision Hub Turned OffAfter disabling Customer Decision Hub via "General Settings" for behaviors in the App Studio, Pega Customer Decision Hub connectors appear to still fire as errors related to them are seen in the logs. Those inaccurate error messages have been removed.
SR-D46032Save button is disabled post unchecking the Limit KM options.When an admin user unchecks the “Limit the number of suggested articles” option in App Studio, the Save button on the suggested articles modal is no longer enabled.
SR-D50115Service case fails to get populated through email channel.When a service case is created through smart email (STP is true), Upon opening the service case, email right pane is not being displayed. D_Interaction page does not have all the details related to the I- case due to which, InteractionType flag is not set as expected. Fixed by updating the CPMLoadInteraction activity to copy details from SpunOffWork page.
SR-D55283Use work tables rather than Cassandra for Timeline.In the PegaCA-Work-Interaction-Call class the C option is available and makes that the transfer work option stays visible when you start a warm transfer to a colleague and are connected to that other operator. Now the option to transfer disappears and when you click outside the modal you cant get back to the transfer options. This behavior has been fixed.
SR-D79559Transfer Work problem with outbound call.When you perform an outbound call and then transfer the work, click cancel or outside the modal and then transfer again, the buttons to transfer the call are gone. Resolved by copying the IsChannelPendingTransferCompletion from interaction-call to outbound-call to address the issue.
SR-D62625Newly added CC and To email ID for inbound email not reflected.To and CC emails are not setting when reply from Outlook. Issue has been addressed.
SR-D67276Interaction Timeout option is not working as expected.The chatbot welcome message is not getting displayed after the interaction time-out. This has been fixed.
SR-D80135Agent initial shows incorrect in customer chat window.After connecting with an agent, if agent types anything it is showing the agent initial in the user chat window. In some cases it is showing "X" instead. Fixed.
SR-D76394Selected search phrases are not copied to email window. When user searches the phrases and clicks on the search results, the selected phrase is not copied to email text editor. Addressed by adding an 'event' parameter function updateEmailFreqSaying in pyRetrievePaletteOptions activity.
SR-D66903Proactive chat code not working.The proactive Chat interface appears regardless of whether an agent is logged in, and it never disappears. Addressed by creating a service API to check if agent is available for a given queue.

KM functionality poor performance when launching intent task.

While performing knowledge tag search, a redundant loop resulted in creating extraneous tag search queries leading to delays and overall poor performance within the application.

Addressed by creating new activity CSSearchRD to perform search without lopping over searched articles for tag.

Unable to open service cases from worklist/workbasket.

After upgrading from CS 7.4 to 8.3, customer was unable to open a service case from the worklist, after opening and closing it once. This was because the customer was missing the CurrentInteractionID property which was introduced in CS 8.X version.

Addressed by setting CurrentInteractionIDin CPMPreClose activity after Obj-Refresh-And-Lock.

Second trigger to Robotic Automation fails.

When the user launches a service case and doesn't submit the Flow Action, then adds another service case and clicks Submit then the wrong run robotic automation activity is being used. The robot is using the run robotic automation activity from the previous service case instead of the current service case the user is trying to complete.

Addressed by always finding the right context using the event object to read the automation related data.

Issue with new customer search.

Searching for a new customer added through the phone call flow on the CS interaction portal leads to the following error: Error: Unable to load data page D_crmOpportunitiesByContact, contact id cannot be blank.

Addressed by checking pyWorkPage.TargetContactId! = "" ' before calling D_crmOpportunitiesByContact when no SA/SAFS data is available.

Co-browse as an intent works fine but Portal Cobrowse is not working.

While starting co-browse, after bypassing disabling condition, function code is returns undefined.

Addressed by changing the disabled condition of portal cobrowsing button and attached CobrowseSessionManagement js file to the CPMTrainerCoBrowsingHarness harness.

Case Transferred Unexpectedly on Close of Tab.

Transferring an Interaction from a workbasket to an operator, opening a second interaction from the workbasket and then closing its tab results in the second interaction being transferred as well. This occurs for any subsequent Interaction tabs that are closed.

Addressed by adding logic to clear the IsTransferToOperator in the CPMCheckAndTransfer activity after the first transfer.

Error with Select All option on the CS workable grid.

Error is thrown on choosing the Select All option on any of the CS grids.

Addressed by commenting out the step 12 in pyPostGridUpdate activity since it's not required from 8.3.
SR-D73395Param not passed calling CPMPerformDefaults from PerformDefaults.Addressed by enabling the “Pass current parameter page" checkbox.

CAParentID set to wrong value in SetInteractionDetails.

Issues caused during few outbound scenarios because CAParentID is set to pyID, which in turn holds the service case ID, in Data Transform SetInteractionDetails in PegaCA-Work-Outbound class.

Addressed by removing the step where CAParentID value is set.

Transfer to Queue creates a duplicate Chat.

In a few cases, a separate chat interaction is created on successful transfer to an agent and this is not correct.

Addressed by retaining the transferchats in the session storage. This prevents the creation of a new interaction on transfer.

All the selected articles are not getting linked.

When multiple articles are selected quickly to be linked to a service case from the interaction portal, a few of those articles are not getting linked to the case type. This is due to server calls for every selected article.

Addressed by moving the server side logic to DT and also providing additional checks to the save logic on number of allowed articles to be linked and avoiding duplicates.
SR-D79111Phrases content is not sent for multiple links.When a phrase with multiple links is pushed to the customer via Chat, the second link content is truncated. Addressed by replacing <a with <a target="blank" which works for every scenario.



Issue with ToOverallSLA activity.

All the work objects are assigned to even when the organization workbasket exists.

Addressed by adding pyWorkBasket in step 4 in ToOverallSLA activity.



pyDNName set wrong in SetPartyNames.

The name of the customer is set to Unknown even when the customer is recognized. This is due to a wrongly set When condition.

Addressed by checking if pyDNName is empty or not as a nested when condition. This avoids the issue to move to Otherwise condition of the data transform.



Interaction portal Articles are not getting linked to the service case.

When articles are searched, selected and saved from the configuration tools on the interaction portal, they are not linked to the service case.

Addressed by providing the flowaction name in the CSSaveLinkedArticlesToFlowaction DT when the name is empty.



When URL is present, phrase content is not loaded in rte It is reported that when <a href ="URL"> is present we are unable to search the phrases.Addressed by modifying CPMEmailFreqSayingsAndPagePush section and pyRetrievePaletteOptions activity to modifying the HTML encoded code characters.



User observed blue screen error when trying to save the dialog.

Blue screen error observed when trying to save the dialog in the confirm screen of the service case.

Addressed by adding step 1 to check whether pyDefaultActionIndex is empty or not CPMDisplayCoachingTip this activity.



Pega Chat not working as expected.

Attempting to route to Queue as soon as the customer logs, in without showing them the queue, does not trigger routing.

Addressed by allowing Queue name to be passed as online help gadget parameter or setting chatqueue in SetContactContextWebChatBot and setting to chatqueue which invokes chatwithagent by default.



D_CSRecents not fully built when opening existing interaction.Fixed. RULE-OBJ-ACTIVITY SYSTEM-USER-RECENTS CSRECENTCONTEXTSWITCH



Call-back number is not saved in current interaction.Fixed. Whenever the call back number is changed for an interaction, every time the interaction is opened it shows the updated call back number.



Porting coaching tip and dialog fixes.

Customer is Unable to add reference properties to Dialog even after the relevant hotfix is applied.

Fixed by changing the script such that the insert works fine and picks the references as per closest selected.



Localization Issues

Field values are not available.




OperatorID updates not reflecting when the operator is logged in.

Any updates done to the operator record while the concerned is logged into the application are getting overwritten after the operator logs off.

Fixed by changing the mode of D_AgentInfo DP from 'Read only' to 'Savable' and persisting D_AgentInfo DP in CPMLogOff activity.



Interaction portal does not resize properly.Fixed by updating RULE-HTML-SECTION WORK- CPMREVIEWDRIVERWRAPPER



Caller of Reassign api to handle db transaction commit/rollback.

Even though assignment is assigned to user, duplicate assignment in workbasket apart from worklist was observed.

Fixed: CaptureTransferRespone steps to reassign has been removed. In CPMPerformDefaults a when condition has been added where reassign is performed.



Unjustified log message in Pega log, pre interaction wrapup


Performance improvements CS

Performance issue. Same logic was getting called twice from the hierarchy.

SE-59664 Runtime exception on progressive loading table.Fixed: RULE-OBJ-ACTIVITY PEGACA-WORK-INTERACTION CPMPRECLOSE #20200109T072011.951 GMT

Issues with Chat when Browser is refreshed.

When the chat is running and if the user refreshes the browser, then the chat does not work as expected. After refresh the previous chat is gone and the same questions are being asked in the chat after the refresh.

Addressed by modifying pyPostInitialize activity when rule.



Header mapping is ignored in Inbound Email.

When an email is sent from a channel with entity mappings to create a service case, it doesn’t get created as is expected. This is because the CheckEntityMappings DT ignores the header values.

Addressed by allowing the From and Subject email headers to FilterEntityMappings. An additional check to identify and map case entity mappings.




Checkbox is not working as expected on Account switch in I-case.

In the customer 360 screen, when the customer Inquire toggle button is selected and select couple of checkboxes. And if we switch the Account number by clicking the Account number hyperlink, whatever the checkboxes which we have selected for earlier Account are checked by default.

Fixed by ensuring that the selected checkbox items on customer enquiry are not sustained after account switching in I- case.

CPMWarmTransferAcceptButton has hardcoded interval of 10 seconds.

In Pega Call, when CSR1 is doing warm transfer to CSR2. In the CSR2 screen CPMWarmTransferAcceptButton button (accept button) is disabled initially. After CSR1 has completed the transfer, only after 10 secs the button is enabled.

Fixed: As part of Hfix DSS AcceptButtonRefreshInterval has been Introduced. The default value is 10 seconds. user can configure interval as per requirement using this DSS.



Unable to locate Call Interaction.

When doing an outbound call (from track outbound call case, PegaCA-Work-Outbound) using the cpmmakecall control, errors are thrown.

Addressed by setting SiteID in .ChannelInteractionServices from the CTIPhone page.



pyGetAllFollowedCases throwing exception.

After launching interaction portal, on click of followed case, a few exceptions are thrown in logs.

Fixed by optimizing the required columns (properties in pygetallfollowedcases report definition) in specific classes.



Autoaccept PegaCS interaction not detecting duplicate tabs.

Sporadically receiving duplicate interaction tabs for the same call. Duplicate interactions getting created for same CALL ID as Finesse is triggering a rouge event.

Addressed by checking whether the CSR holds any active interaction before creating a new one (in response to Finesse raising a rogue event).



Recent Interactions Performance Issue

In order to load Recent Interactions and Recent Cases grids on Interaction Composite a number of data pages get executed and as a lot of these pages run DB queries, the load time of the page increases especially if the customer has had many interactions and service cases in the past.

Fixed by updating the D_InteractionHistory page and its load activity.



ChatBot UI is not responsive and Mobile Friendly.

The top portion of the chat window is cut off and becomes visible only when you make your browser window very narrow.

Fixed by adding the class Standard to the advisor button.



Open tab drop down in missing from in interaction portal.

Tabs after the first 8 are not accessible.

Fixed by adding the required CSS.



Error: Cassandra has not been started or is unavailable on CS.

Even though the customer hasn’t purchased CDH license, Cassandra errors are being thrown. RetrievefromCassandra when rule is placed on some steps where data page results like D_pxecents are configured as step page. As this page is referred datapage is populating even before when rule is executed causing Cassandra exceptions.

Fixed by including additional conditions to skip loading of DSM related data pages.



Skill based routing is not working as expected.

While routing to agents, sufficient distinction is not being made between the skill levels of the agents.

Addressed by ensuring that when there is an ambiguity in between choosing the CSR and routing falls back to Most available CSR scenario, then only the highly skilled CSRs are considered and not all available CSRs as equal.



Difference in the perform harness for interaction-call and interaction-inbound-call.

UI inconsistencies between interaction call and interactions of inbound calls.

Fixed by creating perform harness in outbound class and added CTI style sheets.



Email bot solution

New feature to send an outbound email from a service case for CS 8.3.

Fixed by offering an enhancement as a hotfix.



Interaction item assigned to operator after transferred call.

When an incoming or outbound call is transferred from operator A to operator B, EACH work item opened by operator B (which is not already assigned to operator B) is getting assigned to operator B, even if it’s not related to the call.

Addressed by including an additional condition to check whether the opened work object is the pone which is actually transferred. If the both the conditions were satisfied, only then case gets assigned to user.



Transfer assignment corrupted on close.

When a call is transferred from operator 1 to operator 2, the interaction and the service cases are completely transferred to the operator 2. The service cases are automatically opened with operator 2, issue occurs when he abruptly closes the service case and tries to reopen again from the recent cases interaction. If he does so the flow is still with reference to workbasket as the changes made to the pyWorkpage where the assignment is assigned to operator’s worklist is not saved to the DB.

Addressed by adding an Obj-Save method before commit, to save pyWorkPage data changes in case the document is closed abruptly.



Proactive Invitation Not Using the Correct Styling

Styles configured in self-service portal are not used in proactive chat iframe. Proactive invitations should inherit the styling of the Self-Serve Configuration being used on a given page.

Fixed by reading the styles from Guide CSS by passing configuration name to proactive chat UI and applying those styles for proactive chat iframe.



PegaCall Resume button on interaction improper state - pegacs.

When a user puts a caller on hold the Resume button on the interaction is not behaving properly and showing the wrong button state. This is specific to a condition when there is more than 1 call.

Addressed by making changes to handle resume button and transfer button.



Question responses are taking incorrect in Pega Chat.

When the question is already answered in Pega Chat, if user tries to click the previous question's answer link again, then it takes the current question's response.

Addressed by overriding pyRenderBasicSimulatorOutbound section from platform which is causing the issue. Added Message.pyIsLast in the visibility condition of pychoices display.



Email Solution

Enhancement requests from the client to be fulfilled as hotfixes.

  • Using pyGetRecipient to populate the customer email and populating the incoming email account name.
  • pyExecuteAction activity for intelligent routing.



Count Down timer for Incoming Chat is not showing sporadically. Sometimes it is missing the timer. But hiding after 30 seconds.

Fixed: In chatagenteventhandler.js, in showchattoasterpop function we are loading toaster-pop class twice. That is the reason timer is getting hidden sometimes.



Invalid reference to the zeroth(0) element in list.

When there are no items present in NewAssignPage list and the user tries to access the elements out of it. IndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown.

Addressed by adding a when condition to check the length of newAssignPage at the step where error has occurred. Hence, execution is bypassed if the list is empty.



CAInboundCorrAuto activity is missing in Customer Service 8.3.

Fixed by forward porting an existing hotfix.



New ET case is created instead of using existing case.

When customer replies to email sent from Pega (which have valid service case id in the subject), reply should be added as reply post to the existing ET case associated with service case, instead it is creating new ET case being created every time when replied to email having valid case id in the subject.

Addressed the hardcoded service case class from the activity pyMapEmailToEmailTriage. Now getting the details as DCR.



Form action is missing in Chat submit area. In Pega live chat, form based functionality is not working.Fixed: An embedded section has been removed in pzSubmitArea. Added it back in pzSubmitArea. Added a visibility condition pyShowActionsBar which implementation should override and control its display.



RunTime Toolbar is not visible in Interaction Portal.

Runtime Toolbar does not appearing in Interaction Portal of implementation application created inCustomer Service framework.

Fixed: CSJsonHTMLFragment script changes are causing the issue. Changes: RULE-HTML-FRAGMENT CSJSONSCRIPTINCLUDE #20200330T154552.265 GMT



Issue while importing CRM jar.

Issues observed while upgrading the Customer Service from 7.1.3 to 8.3, on importing CRM 8.3 jar.

Fixed by offering a local change.



User need to provide credentials twice.

Logoff function is called multiple times in CPMInteractionPortalUserMenu, due to which customer is needed to provide credentials twice.

Fixed by removing "Logoff" multiple times in CPMInteractionPortalUserMenu.

ExitInteraction action on EML interaction cases, case not resolved.

The status of the email interaction work-object status is not getting updated when performing the exit interaction local action. Email channel is not included in CAInteractionTypeForDialog when rule due to which for email interactions while clicking on exit interaction from configuration tools is not resolving the case.

Fixed: Added email channel in CAInteractionTypeForDialog when rule.

Customer can compose chat messages before ongoing chat loads.

During resume/reload the chat icon is available to click before the chat window opens should the customer click the icon during that transition, an empty chat windows open up and customer can compose messages that are sent to any agent.


Unable to save routing.

Every time we click the Save button the Intelligent routing is being reverted to the previous state and new (additional) instance of QueueRouteConfiguration Data Transform with empty "availability" is being created in (locked) application ruleset.

Fixed by providing the placeholder rule QueueRouteConfiguration Data transform.



V+D transfer button not visible.

Platform UI trying to reload the CSInteractionTimer Section. But by then, this section is not loaded so refresh does not happen. Thereby Transfer button not visible.

Fixed: Added parent Dl for the DL on which Transfer button exists, marked defer load contents, and removed refresh condition on child Dl.



Re-routing chat requests is not getting routed to the CSR.

QueueProcessor is running per each node rather than once per cluster.

Fixed: We have update QueProcessor with pxPartionKey.



Emails are not sent out when files are attached.

When “Send Email” local action is used with Attachments, the emails are not sent to recipients. The Send Email works fine without attachments.

Fixed: Setting the following parameters: pxLinkedClassTo, pxStorageType, pyStoredInRepository on the attach page when new files are uploaded in the SendOutboundEmail activity. Fix the thumb nails issue on the service case attachments by generating the thumb nails from the image stream when files are uploaded using platform rule pzGenerateThumbnail.



Interaction locked when receiving transfer.

When warm transferring an inbound call to a queue a second time, the interaction is being locked and the agent receiving the second warm transfer does not get the option to accept the call.

Fixed: Improper porting of changes, caused this issue. Modified the CPMPerformDefaults rule to use the CheckForTransferAssignment when rule. This when rule is enabled only for call transfers or chat transfers and the CPMAssignCasesForCurrentOperator activity is called accordingly.



Error on receiving blind transfer through queue.

When receiving a blind transfer (originated from an outbound call) in a queue, Pega errors out and displays a blue pop up.

Fixed: Associated Call Object to Interaction.



Agents who are logged in earlier are favored to receive chats.

Agents who have logged into the system earlier in time are being assigned chat sessions before agents that logged in after.

Fixed: Now the routing is changed to consider agent's last accepted chat time instead of login time.



Consultative xfer to a queue-accept button disabled.

When an agent consultative transfers the call to a queue and another agent receives the call through the queue, then Accept call button is disabled.

Fixed: Ported changes from SE-58192 and SE-61313, added WaitForTransferIn when rule which checks if call gets transferred or not in CheckTransferKeyAvailability activity.
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