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Pega Customer Service 8.4.3

Suggest edit Updated on April 22, 2022

Pega Customer Service 8.4.3 includes fixes for customer-reported issues or internally-identified issues.

Note: This patch requires Pega Platform version 8.4.4 or later.

Resolved issues in Pega Customer Service 8.4.3

Issue IDDescriptionVersion fixed
SE-68380The czCustomerID (chat queue table) column is not exposed during the 8.1.8 to 8.5.1 upgrade.8.4.3 patch
SE-67305Call interactions are not being purged resulting in call IDs that are reused by Avaya are retrieved with old data in Pega.8.4.3 patch
SE-67371Rule security hardening fix for Pega Customer Service patch
SE-67370Rule security hardening fix for Pega Customer Service patch
SE-66944A blue screen appears when an operator clicks on the Show Last timeline under Customer timeline in the Interaction Portal.8.4.3 patch
SE-67458Rule security hardening fix for Pega Customer Service patch
SE-66380After users configured Follow up messaging and Wrap messaging at their end, the follow up message is getting displayed after a stipulated time out, but the wrap up message is not getting displayed. The chat session ends after timeout.8.4.3 patch
SE-67284The Intent task properties are not updated even after its completion.8.4.3 patch
SE-66492Timeline to support work pools with user work tables.8.4.3 patch
SE-67275A user who recently migrated to Amazon S3 repository for storing attachments, is unable to download the attachments in chat interactions when the repository is set to Amazon S3.8.4.3 patch
SE-66747KM taxonomy related data pages load multiple times for every interaction and every time a service case is added or completed. This contributes to overall slowness and high CPU usage.8.4.3 patch
SE-68081When running OOTB PegaHelper.js for use with Pega chat, an error is thrown: The resource from (url) was blocked due to MIME type (“text/html”) mismatch (X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff).8.4.3 patch
SE-68278In the client's Pega Customer Service application, a stand-alone case in a mashup which is a service case shows the OOTB data page invoked without any parameters, resulting in errors.8.4.3 patch
SE-68204The UM bot messages which are used to connect and disconnect a CSR are not setup in the right way.8.4.3 patch
SE-67821In the application, pen testers have identified an issue where in by giving an incorrect JS in form fields.8.4.3 patch
SE-68115A user who recently migrated to Amazon S3 repository for storing attachments, is unable to download the attachments in chat interactions when the repository is set to Amazon S3.8.4.3 patch
SE-67920In the Interaction Portal, CSRightPaneController is not working as expected, which results in KM pane gets expanded by default.8.4.3 patch
SE-67189The focus time in the interaction is not getting updated even after wrap.8.4.3 patch
SE-67582Opening an outbound call interaction that was transferred from recent interactions is slow.8.4.3 patch
SE-68137When a user is using Jaws screen reader and navigating between form fields, the tab panel information, iframe name, and multiple region information is announced by which a user is unable to proceed through the page in an efficient manner.8.4.3 patch
SE-68079When the customer is on Pega 7.4 + Pega Customer Service + Pega Chat on Tomcat 8.5 and Oracle 12c, two issues occur randomly.
  • Different CSR agents connects to the same customer Pega Chat at the same time.
  • Pega Chat Configuration setting has 'max concurrent conversations=2', yet CSR agents connects to 3+ concurrent conversations.
8.4.3 patch
SE-67630Client found 85,000 errors in a span of 1 hour from cyReRouteConversationRequest QP. Even after having less chat requests, they found many records in Queue Processors Queue and errors while mapping JSON.8.4.3 patch
SE-67688As client is using 8.4.2 Pega Chat (on 8.4.3 Pega Platform), attachment (paper clip) to be removed in Pega Chat from client side due to security issues.8.4.3 patch
SE-67135While loading the Search Screen from Inbound call, Research Interaction, and Outbound Call, InvalidParameterException: cannot be null. page: D_Inter are printed.8.4.3 patch
SE-68129Performance of the application is getting affected as the activity CPMLoadInteractionIntents is taking 8 secs to execute in Pega patch
SE-66583Unable to end the transaction from CCR agent window in the chatbot.8.4.3 patch
SE-67566When an interaction for an organisation is opened the second or subsequent times, an error appears on the Tracer window on executing Java step-4 in the CPMLoadInteraction activity.8.4.3 patch
SE-67553Customers are unable to chat: All users are impacted.8.4.3 patch
SE-66026When the CSR is trying to open a S-case from the dashboard worklist grid for the second time, an error screen is displayed.8.4.3 patch
SE-67372Rule security hardening fix for Pega Customer Service patch
SE-65944Running agents on multiple nodes results in trying to delete the work object which is already deleted by another agent and throws the exception: Obj-Delete-By-Handle had failed as the instance was not found.8.4.3 patch
SE-67957After installing the French pack for Pega Knowledge Management framework, and logging in, several errors are displayed in the background.8.4.3 patch
SE-66067On Pega Chat window, the Verify button is not visible upon refresh.8.4.3 patch
SE-67192pzGetRDAUrlWithToken is getting invoked multiple times.8.4.3 patch
SE-67393Chat request is not routed to the agent intermittently.8.4.3 patch
SE-66490In multiple times a day, users are experiencing delay in usage of the Pega Call widget.8.4.3 patch
SE-67082The CRM service packages are not secured properly in the cloud environment.8.4.3 patch
SE-66391Email cases going to broken process in customer instance as contact details are not populated correctly and there is no null check in dataflow.8.4.3 patch
SE-66903When a chat user has brackets/paranthesis - ( ) - in their name, it is displayed with ASCII code on the CSR side of chat.8.4.3 patch
SE-68214The client has configured a Service Intent process in the application to create a temporary work object that is persisted later in the flow. When the user tries to cancel the work object by clicking ActionsCancel this work an error 'Unable to open an instance using the given inputs: ASSIGN-WORKLIST !HCENTITYVALIDATION' appears before it is persisted.8.4.3 patch
SE-68216In the Address Change service case of the Interaction Portal, the Address line field does not accept more than 36 characters.8.4.3 patch
SE-67369Rule security hardening fix for Customer Service patch
SE-66726User starts a Phone call in the Interaction Portal and gets a FailAssembly error for Harness PerformFrames.8.4.3 patch
SE-68177pyDeadlineTime section does not have localization enabled.8.4.3 patch
SE-67799The production environment is facing intermittent DB4914 (Slow report CSLoadInteractionsByContact) alerts after an update in late December from 8.2.2 to 8.2.8, and a few recorded issues.8.4.3 patch
SE-67693In the Interaction Portal Pulse, the pulse messages posted by the first user by tagging the second user are not visible to the second user.8.4.3 patch
SE-66516Prechat answers are passed from client side in Pega Chat.8.4.3 patch
SE-67387Rule security hardening fix for Pega Customer Service patch
SE-65815Java Script errors from Pega Customer Service application lead to memory in the IE browser.8.4.3 patch
SE-64185After launching an intent task in an interaction, when trying to launch a claim search it adds an extra and unrelated page to D_Interaction_Indents.pxResults().8.4.3 patch
SE-65628Client is unable to create more than 14 service requests in an interaction.8.4.3 patch
SE-65453D_ConversationStatus is causing errors in logs.8.4.3 patch
SE-65839Client is unable to locate a Call Interaction with ID patch
SE-64643When the client is in the process of implementing a new version of their Pega Call application, they noticed that the Transfer with Interaction option is missing from the Pega Call toolbar.8.4.3 patch
SE-65347A value in GetAllSayingsCategory Activity is missing.8.4.3 patch
SE-65678Extra validation is not happening before the call object is saved, even if the call object exists or not.8.4.3 patch
SE-64963Client is facing the following error "The SQL query for the report definition PegaCA-Work-Interaction CSFetchLastInteractionForContact took longer than expected." database alert (DB-1459).8.4.3 patch
SE-65827Chats are getting disconnected at customer side.8.4.3 patch
SE-65199During a chat, when a CSR, after typing some text ending with a space pastes some text from notepad or another source, the space at the end of the typed text is removed in the reply to the customer. The customer sees the texts joined together without space.8.4.3 patch
SE-63780Pega Chat Monitoring Issue.8.4.3 patch
SE-64361InvalidParameterException while loading D_Interaction page.8.4.3 patch
SE-65524The queues are not getting updated with the number of available CSRs.8.4.3 patch
SE-65555When user customizes the dashboard with its width greater than 1350, the interaction portal CSHome is hidden.8.4.3 patch
SE-68464When CaseType with ScreenFlow in it is opened from a worklist in the Interaction Portal, the KM pane gets expanded by default.8.4.3 patch
SE-68403Clicking on the cases in My Worklist creates an error, which shows up in PDC- EXCEPTION-2455- InvalidReferenceException.pyStatusWork. Cannot use an unexposed property as there is no BLOB column for the class: PegaFW-KM-Data-Taxonomy-Maint .8.4.3 patch
SE-67584Some conversations are showing as active even after the interaction is closed, that is, even after both the customer and the agent disconnects.8.4.3 patch
SE-67586The queues are not getting updated with the number of available CSRs.8.4.3 patch
SE-67953Client is using 8.4.2 Pega Chat (on 8.4.3 Pega Platform), due to GDPR and security issues, the attachment (paper clip) had to be removed from Pega Chat.8.4.3 patch
SE-67689Unable to login to the chat server.8.4.3 patch
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