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Improvements to email case triaging

Valid from Pega Version 8.2

Improvements to Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant™ (IVA) for Email make the system more robust and user friendly. When you reply to emails in a triage case, you can forward the email, reply to all, and use the carbon copy (cc) and blind carbon copy (bcc) fields. You can also send Pulse messages to discuss an email case without exposing the information to external users. You are notified in the Email Manager and Case Manager portal if you receive Pulse messages. Even when an email case has been resolved and appears as read-only, you can still send Pulse messages.

For more information, see Email Manager portal and Email triage.

Improvements to the Email channel configuration and content analysis

Valid from Pega Version 8.2

To make the Intelligent Virtual Assistant™ (IVA) for Email more useful and easier to manage, you can track all the Email channel configuration changes that you or other operators make. The system now also detects defined entities and topics, not only in the contents of the email messages and its attached files, but also in the email subject field which improves the responsiveness of IVA to emails. You can map same text that appears in an email triage case to different entities. In previous versions of Pega Platform, only the email body was analyzed but with subject analysis, now the entire email is analyzed for topics and entities, including its salutation and signature.

For more information, see Tracking configuration changes in the Email channel and Enabling the analysis of subject field content during email triage.

Facebook and Web Chatbot configuration in the preview console

Valid from Pega Version 8.2

When you develop a Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant™ (IVA) for Facebook or Web Chatbot, you can now teach interactive bot conversations by chatting with the bot in the preview console and guiding the artificial intelligence algorithm to the right responses. This ability greatly accelerates conversation development and simplifies configuration, while providing the developer with more transparency in the mechanisms that produce specific responses.

For more information, see Simulating a conversation and building a chatbot runtime and Testing and building a chatbot from the preview console.

Support for rich user interface controls in IVA for Web Chatbot

Valid from Pega Version 8.2

You can now use rich user interface controls in Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant™ (IVA) for Web Chatbot because Pega Platform™ includes a framework for advanced user interface controls. You can use a date picker control and add file attachments while chatting with the chatbot. These features provide a richer and more robust user experience and they help the user accomplish tasks more quickly without the need for complex validation messages.

For more information, see Use rich user interface controls in Web Chatbot.

Add Robotic Automation capabilities to your application by using the Connect Robot rule

Valid from Pega Version 8.2

Pega Platform™ supports a new Connect Robot rule that you can use to integrate robotic automation capabilities into your application. You can publish information about automation bundles from Robotic Automation Studio directly to Dev Studio and automatically generate and display new rules. Also, when you source data pages from robotic desktop automations (RDA), Pega Platform displays a list of automations from which you can choose.

For more information, see About Connect Robot rules.

Support for rich HTML text in IVA for Email

Valid from Pega Version 8.2

Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant™ (IVA) for Email now supports rich HTML text in email conversations, which enhances the overall user experience. You can enable this option in the Email channel configuration in IVA for Email to display rich text in email conversations for case triaging. Natural language processing (NLP) analysis works flawlessly in scenarios for all email content that contains rich HTML text.

For more information, see Enabling rich HTML text in emails.

Multiple actions triggering during intelligent email routing

Valid from Pega Version 8.2

Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant™ (IVA) for Email now supports triggering of multiple actions during the intelligent routing of incoming emails, which improves the artificial intelligence capability of IVA for Email so that it is more responsive to user input. For example, you can set up intelligent routing for an Email channel to trigger multiple actions, such as creating a case and automatically replying to an email for the content that you receive.

For more information, see Intelligent email routing, Configuring routing conditions for automatic email handling, and Setting up intelligent routing in Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Email.

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