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SR-D63307 · Issue 542771

Unneeded class name filter removed from GetRelevantPropertiesForDataType

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.1

Given one class with a set of properties and another class inherited from the first class containing a relevant records set for class 2, then a new harness did not show the base class fields. Investigation showed that the fields present in the parent class and marked relevant in the case were not being fetched due to pzGetRelevantPropertiesForDataType having a class name filter along with filter by rule resolution. To resolve this, the class name filter has been removed as it is not required due to the report already filtering by rule resolution and relevant class through a join.

SR-D71475 · Issue 538722

Check added to apply values of newAssignPage.pxFormName

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.1

After upgrade, trying to open existing assignments resulted in a different harness being opened. This was traced to changes in how the property newAssignPage.pxFormName was used, and has been resolved by checking whether the harnesspurpose is dynamic before setting the pxFormName. If formname is already present, the system will proceed with picking the harness from the shape.

SR-D72141 · Issue 542664

Approved flow rule image unlocked

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.1

When the Approval Required check box was enabled for rulesets (i.e another person with access to this work queue should approve changes to the rules), a rule which was approved was unlocked and moved back to the original ruleset as expected, but the binary image associated with the flow rule remained locked and any other user other than the one who previously checked in the rule was denied access with a "check out failed" error. This locking error has been resolved by modifying the Rule-Obj-Flow!CleanUp activity to set Param.IgnoreInstanceLockedBy = true.

SR-D90544 · Issue 550808

Corrected row focus for deleting in App Studio case model

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.1

When attempting to delete a row of properties from the 2nd page of the data model of a case type while using App Studio, clicking on the delete icon brought up a dialog box asking for confirmation for deletion but at the same time the screen went back to the first page of the data model instead of remaining on the second page. Because of this, clicking on the OK button to confirm the deletion caused a random property from the first page to be deleted instead of the targeted row of the second page as expected. This was due to the refresh being triggered immediately within overlay UI actions, and has been resolved by updating the first trash icon action set for the section pzExpressFieldActions to be a modal instead of an overlay when launching local action.

SR-D67316 · Issue 541206

Cross-site Scripting protection for PegaRULESMove_Skimming_Query

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.1

Cross-site Scripting protection has been added for input parameter toRSV of the activity PegaRULESMove_Skimming_Query.

SR-D78467 · Issue 542319

Component rule check added to suppress unnecessary guardrail warnings

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.1

After creating a component application using Configure > Application > Components, guardrail warnings were seen when saving the component. The component application allowed adding rulesets or other applications, but did not have all the tabs found in a normal application, so there was no option for adding the associated classes to define the UI class, Integration class and data class in the component application. As component is mostly a part of (or embedded inside) an application, this function was not given options to justify or suppress guardrail warnings like Rule-Application. To resolve this, a check has been added for component rule before generating guardrail warnings for Empty UI page, Empty Integration class, and Empty Data class.

SR-D79397 · Issue 546417

Rule-Utility-Function references updated with library information

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.1

The "changeSystemName” operation failed. This was traced to the function “getLocalizedValue” (Rule-Utility-Function) being saved into the PegaFS library due to runtime resolution based on the function signature even though the actual Rule-Utility-Function from “Pega-Rules” ruleset needed to be picked in this case. To ensure the correct ruleset is picked, Rule-Utility-Function references have been updated with library information to resolve the resolution collision scenario.

SR-D80539 · Issue 544795

Testcases are not available for 'access when' rules

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.1

Attempting to create test cases for access when rules resulted in guardrail warnings about the need to create a test case. Because Test Cases are not available for the Access When rule type as per Pega expected behavior, the guardrail warnings are not valid and have been removed.

SR-D87671 · Issue 547574

PegaCESvcsIntegrator security updated

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.1

Security updates have been made which now require authentication to consume the services from the PegaCESvcsIntegrator package.

SR-D54120 · Issue 542260

Improved handling for attachments not using UTF-8 encoding

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.1

When an email was received that used a charset encoding other than UTF-8, special characters in the HTML body were not displayed and instead the replacement character was shown. To resolve this, the system will read the encoding from the email rather than use the meta tag, and will add the attachment's HTML encoding information in Data-WorkAttach-File so that the same can be used to process and display the original HTML properly.

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