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INC-78420 · Issue 566790

Documentation clarified for pxGenerateExcelFile with template values

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.4

Using Export to Excel created the document, but pxGenerateExcelFile was not replacing template values in the generated output file. To improve the clarity of the necessary configuration, the documentation for pxGenerateExcelFile has been updated to include an example of the usage:This can be used anywhere in platform to export excel file. E.g. - export stories, specifications, requirements etc. Example Usage of properties in template: {.pagelist().property input}\n{.property input}

INC-120450 · Issue 561741

Configure view finds existing calculations for properties

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.4

Modifying a property to ‘calculated: Readonly’ by creating declare expression inside a fieldgroup list (which was created in the data model and refers to a datatype) while adding the fieldgroup list property by selecting from the field in the configure view of a step was not reflected when adding the same list type property inside another step of configure view. Declare expressions were created with page context for embedded fields by default in configure view, but Declare expressions have recently been enhanced and no longer expected to use page contexts. Because Configure view continued to use page contexts, this resulted in calculations that existed not being picked up. This has been resolved by configuring view handling for page list fields specifically to not create new calculations with a page context. Detection of calculations has also been updated to not check for page context to match the recent Declare expression enhancements.

INC-120472 · Issue 571434

Corrected date display on export to Excel

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.4

Reports which have visible date and Date time properties or values displayed correctly when viewed in PEGA, but when the data was exported to Excel the values were converted to GMT time. Due to this the date fields (with no time stamp) were showing the date less by one day in Excel. This has been corrected.

INC-123033 · Issue 561386

Updated logic for delegating when the RARO exists

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.4

When trying to delegate a Data Type, the validation error "Update Record Failed: This record is non-versioned and already exists and can not be moved to a different ruleset" appeared. Because data type delegation is dependent upon the existence of a RARO for the delegated data type, when delegating the ruleset of the RARO to accessgroups with the same roles the code was attempting to update the RARO. Updating the RARO determines if the Ruleset of the RARO is unlocked. If the ruleset is locked, then the logic attempts to select a new ruleset, but the RARO cannot be moved to a new ruleset. To resolve this, the logic has been updated so that if the RARO exists, the system will not try to create a new instance.

INC-125706 · Issue 565516

Expression Builder test functionality updated to improve context resolution

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.4

After upgrade, running a test in Expression Builder to evaluate an expression resulted in a 'Property undefined' error. Although the test functionality failed, the data transform rule was properly saved and no issues were observed at runtime. This was traced to a change made in the way the IDs on input elements were made unique. This caused an issue with Expression Builder resolving the correct context when the Source property page was not the primary page class, such as in these cases:For Each Page with the "Also use each page as source context" checkbox checked Update page using the "with values from" Append and Map to with "an existing page" Append and Map to with "each page in" To resolve this, the pzEBHiddenElement function has been updated.

INC-125803 · Issue 568659

Cross-site scripting updated on activities

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.4

Additional Cross-site scripting work has been done on activities.

INC-126813 · Issue 565862

Handling added for Decision Table test case with "call"

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.4

Clicking on the Convert to test button to launch a Test Case rule form did not load all of the options to create the UTCs, and the screen seemed stuck on the message “Loading..”. This was a corner case that happened when the decision table's return value had "Call" in it: the table believed there was the need to call another decision table, which was traced to "Call" being present on the RUT's label values. To resolve this as avoid regressions, quotes have been added to the returned value so that the value is picked instead of trying to call another decision table.

INC-127392 · Issue 574287

Delegated Decision table rule grid loads in iFrame with SSO

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.4

The delegated decision table rule grid and checkout options were not displayed when launched from iFrame using SSO sign in. Without SSO, the delegated decision table grids were loading properly for the same Access group. The heart of this issue was that decision tables were using an older style of Designer Studio javascript which was not designed to be embedded in an iFrame due to issues related to Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). In order to support the usecase of the Pega end user portal/application being integrated to an external domain application using an iFrame, enhancements have been made to the necessary delegated rule function definitions.

INC-127799 · Issue 567816

Modified Unit Test case "setup data" saved correctly

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.4

When using the “Setup and Cleanup” tab for a unit test case configuration which set up data and had each run update the setup data, the updated data was not getting saved when saving the test case or test suite. This was due to the initial design of the function not being set up to support a pySaveAsResult scenario: as the RULE representation is different for different creation time (RH_1, pyNewResults,pySaveAsResult), and during design time, there is a dependency of the clipboard representation of the new rule. The handling for this scenario has now been added.

INC-128811 · Issue 569281

Operator created with save-as has correct application access

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.4

Creating an operator using Save As retained access to the applications of the original operator even if they were removed in the creation process. This was due to the saveAs operation of the Operator not retaining consistency between the records in the ValueList pyAccessGroupsAdditional and the page list pyaccessgroups_opid. To resolve this, the PreSaveAs of the Operator ID has been updated to maintain consistency in the records.

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