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INC-164002 · Issue 639914

Decision table null input handling updated for backward compatibility

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

After upgrade, any null values as inputs in the decision tables were skipped if "Allow Missing properties" was not checked. This behavior was different from previous versions. In order to improve backward compatibility, the new function pxEvaluateDecisionTable has been added which has an additional parameter to set AllowMissingProperties, and the older function logic has been modified to take the parameter value from the parameter page.

INC-164171 · Issue 644707

Support added for connect-SOAP run in parallel mode

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

When connect-SOAP was configured to use the “run in parallel” mode, application settings derived through a datapage had incorrect values. While running the connect-SOAP through an activity, all the values were derived incorrectly. This has been resolved by adding a synchronization enhancement to support parallel run connect.SOAP.

INC-164439 · Issue 657995

Setting added to customize using blank Map values

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

After upgrade to from Pega 6 to Pega 8 some of the Map Value rules were not working. This was due to the handling for blank default values which was changed in Pega 7. In order to support backwards compatibility, a new 'when' rule has been added which allows customizing whether or not blank values are allowed for the Map value default columns. pyAllowBlankValues will default to "false".

INC-165256 · Issue 657037

Improvements for Offer Eligibility rules loading time

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

After opening the Proposition filter/Action rule and clicking on Add Criteria, the pxAnyPicker drop down load was taking an excessive amount of time. Performance improvements have been made by adding a precondition at step 2 to avoid data page refresh for specific scenarios when it is not required.

INC-167037 · Issue 650991

SmartpromptType classes shown in Rule-Admin-Skill

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

Some class instances were not showing in SmartpromptType list. This was traced to the activity LookUpList, which is called from Rule- class in Rule-Admin-Skill, using pyClassName as one of the filter criteria in Java Step1. Therefore Rule-Admin-Skills did not show in SmartpromptType list. This has been resolved by overriding LookUpList for Rule-Admin-Skill class so it will not consider pyClassName as a filter criteria.

INC-168692 · Issue 642009

Regex corrected for USZipCodeExtended validation

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

Edit Validate - USZipCodeExtended was not working as expected. Instead of validating 5 numbers followed by 4 numbers, it was validating for 5 numbers followed by 5 numbers. This has been corrected.

INC-168885 · Issue 663668

Corrected restoring lockable data class

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

After opening an instance of a lockable data class and deleting it and then restoring it, the system reported an error that a lock can't be held on the instance. This only happened for lockable data instances that were deleted and restored immediately, and as a work around the item could be restored successfully from from the History- instance. To resolve this, the pzRMActionRecoverDeleted activity has been updated to copy to a temporary page and take action instead of acting on the primary page.

INC-168914 · Issue 659659

Updates added against Cross-site Scripting

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

Cross-site Scripting (XSS) protections have been updated for the UI.

INC-169063 · Issue 649986

Referencing tool sorts rules by ruleset and version

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

After opening the View Reference tool with all rule set versions, the sort resulted in rules in multiple versions saved out of order. This has been resolved by adding two obj-sorts to ensure that the sort order appears as expected.

INC-171257 · Issue 651734

Expanded results for Proposition Filter Relevant Record Properties

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

Previously, a maximum of 500 records were returned from pr_data_tag_relevantrecord when using Edit Parameters for the report definition proposition filter rule. In order to accommodate more complex needs, an update has been made to use the D_pxGetClassDataModel data page to fetch all the records and make them available in the dropdown.

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