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SR-D18879 · Issue 500640

Logic update made to PrepareColors to resolve calculation ambiguity

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.1

When a Report Definition was summarized, the executed report showed a graph for multiple categories but generated the error "No data to display" if given a single category. This was traced to an ambiguity in the Java syntax of the Rule-Utility-Function pzPrepareColors that led to a NegativeArraySizeException on a customer's environment. To resolve this, parentheses have been placed around a ternary operator to ensure the correct order of operations.

SR-D21527 · Issue 491736

Hidden filters will not be shown on the resulting report

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.1

After setting up a Report Definition to be visible in report browser with all filters hidden, editing and saving the report resulted in the filter values being visible on the report. This has been resolved by modifying pzResolveCopyFilters activity so that If the filter view option is "Read only, allow no changes" and "Filter not visible in Viewer", it will skip copying the filter values on to the report definition page.

SR-D22885 · Issue 494162

Added check for empty class properties to report scheduler

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.1

A report that was looking for events in the most recent X hours by using the "Difference In Hours" filter function ran in the foreground but failed with an exception when running under the scheduler. The same report ran as expected in background without the filter. This was traced to a classname property not being set on the clipboard, and has been resolved by adding a check for empty classes on the clipboard when scheduling a report.

SR-D26815 · Issue 500189

Updated support for numeric values in text columns during Excel export

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.1

After creating a report definition that included currency and percentage as a columns, the currency, percentage, and number format were not shown as expected for the locale when the report was exported to Excel. This was an inadvertent side effect of work performed to resolve issues for text columns formatted by non-numeric controls, and has been resolved by moving the support for numeric values in Text columns from ReportUIField to NumericReportUIField.

SR-D27528 · Issue 501369

Return from drilldown in frameless portal corrected

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.1

Drill up after drilling down on a dashboard chart in a frameless portal (such as Case Worker or Case Default) was throwing an exception. This was caused by the top-level page generated during drilldown not having pyRetainPage set to true, causing it to be removed from the clipboard by doUIAction. This has been resolved by updating runReport to set pyRetainPage if it needs to create the top-level page.

SR-D27687 · Issue 500051

Mashup Export to Excel works on first use

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.1

If a report was opened from Mashup and exported to Excel, only one record was given regardless of the actual size of the report. If the mashup main page was refreshed, the open and export process worked correctly. This has been corrected by adding a call to pzSetQueryDefaults in pzRDExportWrapper when the requestor is initialized for Mashup.

SR-D30272 · Issue 499438

Primary page paramter explictly set to resolve fix/edit Scheduled Tasks issue

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.1

After upgrade, the top section of report details was getting blanked out when using the Reporting | Components | Scheduled Task to open a report and "update" it to fix issues. This was an unintended side effect of updating the Review harness to display the Perform harness when clicking Update, which was done to correct an earlier issue with UI validations when using the out of the box schedule report functionality. To resolve this, pxScheduleTaskWrapper has been updated to explicitly set the parameter page according to the primary page's values when not in the report browser.

SR-D32222 · Issue 500898

Auto-generated controls with images supported in export to Excel

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.1

When attempting to display a column as an image, changing the column format to "pxCheckbox" showed an image while running the report if the value was true, but blank values were displayed when the report was exported to Excel. Investigation showed that the value was being returned as null when a boolean value was set on a column and the option for the auto control was set to show as an image due to the formatted value being returned as an HTML element instead of a boolean value. To correct this, AutoGenReportUIField has been modified so that auto-generated controls that are shown as images are converted to text upon export to Excel.

SR-D33135 · Issue 502273

Handling added for newline in a cell exported to Excel

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.1

It was reported that new lines (br) were not displayed in exported Excel even after adding the control format with style tag <br style="mso-data-placement:same-cell;" />. This was due to a missed use case when Export to Excel was revised; as a necessity, the new Export to Excel does not support HTML as the old one did, and handling for line breaks in a cell was missed in this implementation. To correct this, wrapping has been enabled on AutoGenReportUIField and NonAutoGenReportUIField and ReportUIUtils.stripHtmlFromValue() has been updated to convert tags to line breaks.

SR-D36981 · Issue 505696

FusionCharts upgraded to resolve drill down issues

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.1

Drill down reports were not working when the results were displayed with huge data that came up with a scroll bar or if the report was scrolled down and a drill down was attempted when the scroll bar was in the bottom or middle of the scroll line. The hover icon was different i.e., the hand icon was replaced with arrow icon, or sometimes the hand icon displayed without showing the data. It was possible to drill down when the scroll bar was in the top or the focus was moved outside the chart and brought back in again. This was traced to bugs in the FusionChart libraries, and has been resolved by upgrading to FusionCharts 3.14.0-sr.1.

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