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SR-D19299 · Issue 511323

Support added for calling Export to Excel directly from Report Definition

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

When using Export to Excel directly from a report definition, a date column specified using pxDatetime was shown as applied date format in the resulting Excel file. The column was formatted as expected if the export was called from an activity. This was traced to the recent refactoring of Export to Excel: it was not expected that it would be called directly, but rather that it would be invoked from a report viewer ruleform. In order to support this direct use, step calls have been added to the pzRDExportWrapper activity to call pzMergeAutoGen before the engine call. This step will merge the pyModes pages from pxDateTime control.

SR-D34655 · Issue 513421

Deferred load works inside custom row section of Report Definition

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

Deferred Load was not working inside a custom row section of a report definition. This was traced to the non-auto-generated mark up written for the customRowSection include not having the node_type="MAIN_RULE" name="BASE_REF" id="RULE_KEY" base_ref="" attributes. This led to the load manager which performs the defer load to get the base_ref as "pyReportContent" from the "ReportDisplay" section dom node. To resolve this, the RRDataListGeneration has been modified to set the proper base_ref to customRowSection include so the context/base_ref is passed to the customRowSection.

SR-D36265 · Issue 509607

Export to Excel total result count disabled

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

After upgrade, an imported report with more than 30k records took an excessive amount of time (6-7 minutes) to be exported to Excel after being run, and the resulting Excel file only contained one record. A child report having around same number of records was exported successfully in around 30 seconds. Analysis showed that during the export process, a thread dump was originating from the thread responsible for performing export. Co-relating this with alert logs showed a PEGA0042 alert around the packaging of the query. This was traced to the paging settings on the pyContentPage not getting properly set from the activity pxRetrieveReportData on step 14: the boolean that sets .pyContent.pyPaging.pyReturnTotalResultCount used a page that will always be empty on the upgraded system, leading to an error in calculating the total result count. To resolve this, fetching the total result count on Export to Excel has been disabled.

SR-D37115 · Issue 515839

Onclick handler updated to resolve Report Definition UI issue

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

After modifying the function logic in Report Definition, reopening it in the configuration modal dialogue displayed the function multiple times and it was not possible to open/edit the function. This issue was cosmetic and related to the UI representation of functions: the underlying clipboard page had the correct details regarding the custom logic and functioned as expected. Investigation showed the UI error was related to the onclick handler, and this has been resolved so the system correctly removes the onclick handler when required.

SR-D42095 · Issue 516670

Added validation function to 'apply filters' to handle custom filtering

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

A custom filter section with the "Display custom section inline" checkbox checked and required input fields was not firing validation if the input fields were empty. Switching the focus away from the filter section caused validation to appear saying the filter could not be blank, but "Apply filters" (which is missing validation) was still clickable and the report updated. This has been resolved by adding a validateInput function to the "Apply filters" button of the pega_report_events file.

SR-D42159 · Issue 508940

Large report pagination should use "Previous and Next only"

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

Some Report Definitions were getting timed out or facing gateway exceptions, primarily due to high time consumed by the DB Queries. Investigation showed the total result count process appeared to stop at the configured pyMaxRecords value as long as it was nonzero. This indicated the issue was related to changes made to fix the inaccurate behavior of the "Last" button in the responsive paginator which included removing logic that set pyMaxRecords to anything other than zero. To resolve this issue, those pagination changes have been reverted. The "Last" button should not be used when the paging mode is set to Numeric: in the case of large reports, the paging option should be set to "Previous and Next only".

SR-D43788 · Issue 512543

Corrected Last Added By values for reports created in report browser

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

After creating a report using report browsers in the case manager portal, opening that report definition rule in Designer Studio showed the person's name who created the pydeafult report instead of the expected values for Last added by(Operator ID & Name) and Last Moved by (Operator ID & Name,Date). This has been resolved by adding steps to pzRRSaveAs which will fix the history details when making a new report in the report browser.

SR-D46535 · Issue 512847

Accessibility label added to RBShortcuts7 report browser search field

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

In order to improve accessibility, a hidden label has been added to the Search field in the pzRBShortcuts7 report browser for use by a screen reader.

SR-D47414 · Issue 513077

"Use null if empty" checkbox honored for GetSelectValues

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

When Report Definition rule uses parameters as a value for filter criteria, a moderate performance warning was generated: ''Some of your filters are using a parameter with the "Use null if empty" option NOT selected. Please ensure that you do pass the parameter. Otherwise, the filter will be dropped entirely and execution of the report will result in very poor performance. If you do not want this behavior, select the "Use null if empty" option.'' When the "Use null if empty" checkbox was selected as suggested, the "Select values" button gave an empty list of possible values. This was traced to refactoring work done on Select Values which changed it to be backed by a Report Definition and Grid instead of a List View: the option was intended to be only temporarily disabled, but was missed. To correct this, the activity pzGetSelectValues has been updated to honor the checkbox and appropriately disable the "Use null if empty" option on the selected filter on the temporary copy of the report definition before it is executed.

SR-D48173 · Issue 515339

Resolved hang caused by cancelling report calculation

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

When dragging a calculation into the report editor filter area, clicking X on the cancel modal that appeared caused a JavaScript exception to occur. This exception later prevented the ability to click the "done editing" button on the report. This has been resolved by modifying the -- doRefresh API to pass the correct argument to reload the section API.

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