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INC-127667 · Issue 581851

Documentation updated to clarify displaying property values for Declare Expressions

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

The documentation regarding Declare Expressions rules has been updated to clarify that declare expressions do not support displaying values of target properties in the user interface if the target property is an embedded property and if the calculation engages forward chaining. Declare expressions always display property values if the calculation uses backward chaining. During forward chaining, the system might render the UI before populating the clipboard, and the properties are not visible in the UI. To show updated values, define refresh conditions in the UI to get new values from the server when the values change.

INC-134737 · Issue 589968

Storage repository documentation updated

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

The documentation detailing different content storage options has been updated to clarify the restrictions around modifying repositories.

INC-159677 · Issue 625174

Upgrade reversal limitations clarified

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

The reversal script section on the 8.x upgrade guides has been updated to clarify the limitations in reversing upgrades.

INC-168254 · Issue 659297

Documentation updated for accents and special characters used in search

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

The "Pega search API" article has been updated to reflect that the search functionality in Pega Platform does not match accented words with unaccented. For example, searching for santé and sante will retrieve different results. In addition, Domain Specific Language (DSL) includes special characters for use when searching, for example '-', '_', '!', '@'. However, the system retrieves various results depending on the way the special characters are used in the search query. If the query contains special characters that are not escaped, the system may retrieve incorrect results. For example, not escaping the slash mark in the 25/02 query may cause the system to ignore the special character.

INC-177323 · Issue 672420

Search string wildcard use documentation updated

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

The support article for the search API has been updated to clarify the ability to use the wildcard character "*" by manually adding it to the prefix of each term in the search string.

INC-179842 · Issue 659091

Incorrect space removed from schema example in deployment guide

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

The platform upgrade guide has been updated to remove a leading space from the simple name example value in the section "Redhat JBoss EAP: Defining default schemas". The correct example is: simple name="java:/prconfig/database/databases/PegaDATA/defaultSchema" value="pegadata"

INC-190130 · Issue 678541

Help information updated for using Elastic Search with Report Definition

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

The support article "Configuring a report definition to run against an Elasticsearch index" has been updated to clarify that the search can pass multiple values with a space in pySearchString as it does OR operation on all the fields, and that filters in the report definition will be used when executing the report directly or when calling the report in the pxRetrieveSearchData activity.

SR-D23864 · Issue 494586

Support article updated for bulk flow actions

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

The article concerning running flow actions in bulk in the Case Management outline documentation has been updated to reflect that after the flow actions complete, the check boxes next to the selected cases will not be cleared. This allows quickly running another flow action for the same cases.

INC-145293 · Issue 674901

Additional diagnostic logging added for ElasticSearch startup issues

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

The PyIndexerState was stuck in Starting status during node initialization. This issue could occur if the filesystem became hung due to network level issue while scanning entries from /etc/mtab, resulting in a lock which was not released correctly. In order to better determine which node entry in a cluster may be responsible for the hang, an update has been made which will use a temporary virtual environment to repeat the part of the initialization phase responsible and generate additional logs for debugging. To activate this, the PegaSearch.Diagnostics logger must be set in DEBUG mode. This duplicated virtual initialization will not interrupt the normal initialization.

INC-153849 · Issue 641925

Updated replica management for search clusters

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7

When using a cluster with two Universal nodes in the cluster, a daily restart process where the second node was not started until the first was fully up resulted in Search initialization failing for the first node while becoming active on the second node. This was traced to the methods used in increasing and decreasing replicas. This has been resolved by revising the handling of ElasticSearch node lifecycle and replicas through a new option "Dindex.searchNodeCount " which includes a specification for the number of expected search nodes. If this option is not present, the old method will be used.

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