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INC-128880 · Issue 592817

Handling added for angle brackets in legacy Chart control

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.5

When using Investigative Case Management, some report charts were not rendering correctly. This has been resolved by updating appendFormattedString in to escape angled brackets (< and >) before appending the input.

INC-141322 · Issue 594513

Resolved drill up doubling the filter box

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.5

When opening a report with a visual graph, clicking on one of the filtered options, leaving this box open (not submitting it) and then clicking on a bar in the visual graph of the report showed the contents of the graph, but then clicking on the report link to go back to the report overview caused a doubled filter box to be displayed. The report would then have to be reopened before being able to continue. The problem was that the value of .pyUI.pyConfigSecToShow was still set to "filter" after the drill down. When the drill back up happened, the report was trying to show the filter configuration section from before but the context was no longer available and it failed. This has been resolved by adding a call to pzCancelFilterLogicChanges in pzDrillUpReport to set the filters to the previous values and reset the value of pyConfigSecToShow.

INC-137317 · Issue 585404

Security improved for searches

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.5

Authentication requirements have been added to activities associated with searching.

INC-139700 · Issue 591563

Shortcut works for copying reports into private rulesets

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.5

Copying out of the box shortcuts to other categories in the Report Browser was failing with the error ".pyShortcutName: The rule name pyTimePerStage is a reserved name (starts with px, py, or pz) and is not created in a Pega- ruleset." This was caused by the system trying to create a new rule with a py prefix in a non pega- ruleset, which was a missed use case in the refactoring work of report actions to use the Record API. This has been corrected by moving the report ID generation logic from the activity pzValidateSaveAsInput to a new Rule-Utility-Function in the ReportingUtils library called pzGenerateUniqueRecordName so that it can also be used by pzCopyShortcutPostActivity7 when the shortcut's ID is prefixed with px, py, or pz.

INC-140701 · Issue 602862

The Report Resource Limit is applied on Job Scheduler

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.5

The Job Scheduler was ignoring the application-wide limit for maximum number of rows to retrieve that was set on the Report > Settings landing page. If the limit was set on the Data Access tab of the report, it was honored. If it was set on the Application settings rule Pega-RulesEngine.pyMaxRecords it was not honored. This behavior was due to pzUpdateSystemSettings being called by pxRetrieveReportData. In pzUpdateSystemSettings, .pyContent.pyMaxRecords was updated to match the value in px.Requestor.pyReportSettings.pyMaxRecords. In some cases, that was not available and the max amount of records was not limited in that case. This has been resolved by updating pzUpdateSystemSettings to pull pyMaxRecords using @getRuleSystemSetting().

SR-A100292 · Issue 270065

Select Values from join properly displayed on chart

Resolved in Pega Version 7.3

In charts of report definitions using a join, properties with prompt select values were displaying the actual data rather than the prompt values. This was due to a handling difference for properties from joins: before rendering the chart, report data was copied to a page that did not have the correct pxObjClass, creating the assumption that the property applied to @baseclass. To resolve this, the class will be set on the page that contains the target property.

SR-A103079 · Issue 273545

Check added for RD date time values

Resolved in Pega Version 7.3

An exception was generated when running RD by choosing the relationship for a datetime property as "Is not null" in filter conditions before displaying the data. This has been fixed with the addition of a check for the date time value.

SR-B10828 · Issue 282620

Surrounding spaces trimmed from property labels to ensure localization

Resolved in Pega Version 7.3

Property labels in the add reports screen were not localized because the value was given as "Contact Channel " with a trailing space. To resolve this, the pzReportExplorerNode control has been updated to trim leading and trailing spaces before performing localization.

SR-B11379 · Issue 281867

Backwards compatibility added for imported RDs to ensure Export to PDF option given

Resolved in Pega Version 7.3

After upgrade, the Export to PDF option was not visible under actions. This occurred when the Report Definition exported from an earlier version did not contain the property "pyUI.pyUserInteractions.pyShowDataOnly" in the rule XML, causing the 'when' rule pzShowExportToPDFLink to be evaluated to false. To correct this, the pzUpgradeOnOpen Data-transform has been modified to create the pyShowDataOnly property and assign it to false if it was not present or if the value is empty/null so the Export option will appear as expected.

SR-B11675 · Issue 284417

Cursor correctly changes to hand in Report Wizard popup

Resolved in Pega Version 7.3

The hand icon was not displaying as expected when the cursor was placed on the Search icon in the "Report Wizard" pop up window. This has been fixed.

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