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SR-D28965 · Issue 501857

Repository document deletion modified for better cleanup

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.4

When using documents functionality, creating and uploading a document properly stored it, but deleting the document did not remove the associated files from storage. Whenever a document is created that has a file, instances Of Link-Attachment and Data-WorkAttach-File are also created. Previously, when the document was deleted, the associated instances and actual file were not deleted from the repositories but rather marked as Resolved-Withdrawn and hidden at the UI level. The system has now been updated so that when a document is deleted, the document attachment will also be deleted from all places like list, Tile, and document View, and reference instances like Link-Attachment and Data-WorkAttach-File instance will also be removed along with the actual file from the repository.

SR-C98068 · Issue 483991

Installer files updated with class loader conflict resolution assistance

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.4

When sending emails with attachments, errors were observed relating to a loader constraint violation indicating that when resolving interface method, the class loader of the current class and the class loader for the method's defining class had different Class objects for the type used in the signature. The resolution for this requires user configuration of the app server, and the following files for the install guide have been updated with the appropriate information:Deployment-guides-dita/install.ditamap Deployment-guides-dita/Content/Topics/app-server-config/creating-jdbc-driver-module-jboss-tsk.dita Deployment-guides-dita/Content/Topics/app-server-config/delegating-javax-activation-to-JRE-loader-tsk.dita

SR-D28460 · Issue 509365

Added timeout handling for non-PRAuth servlets

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.4

After logging in via external authentication service (SAML Single Sign On) and setting up a timeout in the access group RuleForm, when the user performed any action and the server identified the request to be timed-out, it was expected that a SAML request would be sent from the browser to the external Authentication Server (referred as IDP) and the flow would proceed from there. This worked as expected for a non-AJAX request. To resolve this, handling has been added for timeout when using non-PRAuth authentication services.

SR-D29127 · Issue 506863

SAML data pages restored after passivation

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.4

If login used SAML SSO, resuming the session after passivation resulted in missing or empty data pages when using an SAP integration with Pega Cloud. This was traced to a security change that modified the D_SAMLAssertionDataPage and D_SamlSsoLoginInfo data pages as readonly, causing them to not be passivated under these conditions. To resolve this, the data pages have been made editable so they will be restored as expected. This change also resolves any difficulty with SAML logoff activities in conjunction with SAP and Pega Cloud.

SR-D37872 · Issue 507341

prproductmigration build.gradle updated for new mime4j asset name

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.4

While running the getMigrationLog for ProductMigration script provided in the Pega 8.2.2 media files, errors appeared referencing "NoClassDefFoundErrors when running getLogs". This was caused by the referenced class not being found on the classpath: the version of the included jar did not include the class needed due to Praxiom's default version being updated to use a new version of mime4j that required an asset name change. To resolve this, the mime4j asset name in prproductmigration build.gradle has been updated to pick up the correct version of the dependency for Praxiom.

SR-B35942 · Issue 295191

Grid filter column localization fixed

Resolved in Pega Version 7.3.1

The repeating grid's column filter was not displaying the localized pyStatusLabel value. This has been fixed.

SR-B64134 · Issue 313542

Workaround added for Oracle 4000 character column value max

Resolved in Pega Version 7.3.1

Due to an Oracle limitation, RD on a clob column fails if the column value is of length greater than 4000. To work around this, support has been added to retrieve data from a clob column of length greater than 4000 characters using report definition based on DASS setting "reporting/retrieveFullClobContent" defined on "Pega-RULES".

SR-B51989 · Issue 310393

TimeStamp column includes milliseconds in extract

Resolved in Pega Version 7.3.1

Extraction to database output format was not showing the millisecond part of the datetime column. This was a missed use case for BIX when the support of Datetime property mapping to timestamp column was introduced in Oracle, and has been fixed.

SR-B64125 · Issue 313855

Fixed SLA calculations with custom classes in Oracle

Resolved in Pega Version 7.3.1

For work classes, columns for pySLAGoal and pySLADeadLine are of type TIMESTAMP in Oracle DB. The Pega getContentItemsPastSLA activity uses the columns to find date differences with SYSDATE and then used a subtraction operation between columns of type TIMESTAMP and SYSDATE to calculate the SLA. However, an exception resulted when custom classes were used. To correct this, getContentItemsPastSLA has been updated to cast the columns of type TIMESTAMP to DATE type.

SR-B66297 · Issue 314861

Instance insertion fixed for PostgreSQL partitioning

Resolved in Pega Version 7.3.1

Obj-Save was failing when trying to insert an instance in a partitioned PostgreSQL table with 'only if new' enabled. This record insertion failed because of a system check that is present when inserting an instance into the child table, and the issue has been resolved by reworking the code that was checking (assuming) if the insert was successful based on the returned inserted count.

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