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SR-128961 · Issue 208349

Added check for naming conflicts when upgrading Oracle

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2

When attempting to upgrade a single schema on Oracle database, running the generateddl script failed with a NullPointerException. This was caused by database tables which had a column name called 'SYS_ID' as part of the primary key. Since Oracle uses system-generated names beginning with "SYS_" for implicitly generated schema objects and subobjects, Oracle discourages the use of this prefix in the names explicitly provided to the schema objects and subobjects in order to avoid possible conflicts in name resolution. To resolve this, a tester has been added to the system to check for this naming use and issue a warning.

SR-A2239 · Issue 205811

Documentation added on adding Tomcat-on-Oracle Rules resource

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2

The Tomcat-on-Oracle installation guides for Pega ML7 and ML8 did not contain instructions for adding a for jdbc/AdminPegaRULES. As such if the installer prepared a two-user (Base + Admin) setup in the database and allocated the Base user to jdbc/PegaRULES, the Pega platform was unable to run DDL to create new tables for new work types and new data types, as the installer has not configured the additional datasource to use the Admin user. The documentation has been updated to add the necessary step between Steps 1 and 2 of the "Create a JDBC Datasource" chapter (page 41 from the ML7 installation guide).

SR-A9147 · Issue 220746

Documentation updated for command-line BIX extractions

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2

The documentation for "Using a stand-alone command-line BIX extract process" has been updated to refer to the BIX 7.1 User's Guide regarding configuring the necessary database connection properties set (prbootstrap, prconfig, etc.).

SR-A5258 · Issue 213386

Documentation updated to reflect change to read-only getProperty pages

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2

In recent versions of the system, getProperty() was modified to support the creation of a property on a read-only page. However, even though the property has been created, it is not possible to set its value. This was not clearly indicated in the documentation, and read-only exceptions were being generated when putString() or setValue() attempted to give a value for the property on a read-only page. The documentation has been updated to clarify this use case.

SR-A6768 · Issue 215093

JDBC connection URL documentation updated for JBOSS installation

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2

An error was found in the JBOSS installation document: the JDBC connection URL defined inside the standalone-full.xml should not have forward slash (/) before the database name, i.e. the format below is incorrect: jdbc:oracle:thin:@//localhost:1521/dbName Instead, the forward slash before data name should be changed to a colon (:), for example: jdbc:oracle:thin:@//localhost:1521:dbName This documentation issue has been resolved by adding a section clarifying the necessary connection information and the method for creating a connection string, along with updating all connection-url steps to either include this information or a pointer to the new section.

SR-A5730 · Issue 213019

Namecase check added to DB2/ZOS split schema installation

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2

An omission in the documentation for the installation wizard guiding the creation of a split schema on DB2/ZOS failed to specify that the database username on the UI screen or in the file as well as the properties in the DB2SiteDependentProperties file are required to be in all upper case. As a result, some installations experienced a runtime exception and an unexpected process termination due to name mismatch. The documentation has been updated. and a check has been added which will take a supplied mixed/lower-case user name and uppercase the value used to set the currentSQLID parameter.

SR-A8556 · Issue 218132

Removed unexpected 'History-' DB instances

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2

Due to an error, 61 additional Data-Admin-DB-Table instances that should not have been part of the media were packaged in the software distribution. The impact was low as all started with 'History-' and contained the name 'Engineering', but their presence and lack of matching associated Class Definitions caused them to be reported on the Database Landing page as "Invalid Class Mappings". We apologize for this confusion.

SR-A5183 · Issue 213803

Added check to ensure all invalidated shortcuts are processed correctly

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2

When running SQL server version 2012 with a particular JDBC driver, executing a DML statement without setting the pyMaxResultCount caused the number of records returned to be limited by the default record size, and the system was not picking up the latest versions of all of the rules after shortcuts were invalidated. To resolve this, the method invalidateShortcuts(RACacheAppCentricImpl) has been modified to set pyMaxRecords to zero when calling executeRDB so that all the impacted rows are processed.

SR-A5233 · Issue 212884

Added external DB support for DB2 v.8

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2

After upgrade, trying to connect to DB2 ver 8 as an external database generated the error "SQLCODE: -4700 SQLSTATE: 56038 Cannot connect to DB2". This was due to Method getSchemaName(SQLGeneratorDB2) firing a query which is valid only on a higher/supported version of DB2. To accommodate other versions of the database, the system will fallback to the V8 syntax if the higher-level query fails.

SR-133085 · Issue 210184

DATE support added for SQL

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2

Support has been added for using the Date column type with SQL servers in cases where the DB supports the DATE type.

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