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SR-D20439 · Issue 496405

Hotfix hashmap cleanup improved

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

A DL installation failed with an out-of-memory error. It was observed that many CacheEntry( hashmaps were being created to store the details for each hotfix but that were then never cleared. This has been resolved by adding the finally block in class to call the shutdown method for proper cleanup. In addition, the default command line utility (prpcUtils) has been updated to use JVM settings of Xmx 4GB and capture a heap dump if an out-of-memory error is encountered. The auto-generated prconfig.xml has also been updated to leverage its minimal startup setting which will avoid loading the conclusion cache into memory.

SR-D28538 · Issue 502059

Corrected requestor status flag for direct map

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

Numerous "Unable to create requestor" alerts were logged. This was traced to an error in HttpAPI where after retrieving the requestor from the internal requestor map directly, the requestor creation status flag was not set properly. This caused last action to post that alert instead of the correct notice of "existing requestor retrieved". This has been resolved so the flag reflects the correct status.

SR-D51554 · Issue 514064

Local UUID cache will be updated when merge event is detected

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

Cluster-related issues were seen in multiple production clusters. For some nodes in the cluster the Cluster Management screen showed all expected nodes with valid Node IDs displayed, and on other nodes the Cluster Management screen showed the node ID of itself, SERVER@localhost:5701. On an impacted node displaying the wrong ID, the Node Information landing page did not work and displayed the error "Unable to execute job on ." Multiple advanced agents running on nodes in the affected clusters, both with correct and incorrect IDs, also failed with a similar error "Unable to execute job on <node's job id>". This was traced to a merge performed after a split brain. To resolve this, the code has been updated to handle merge events: when the node UUID is changed as part of a split brain recovery, the local UUID cache will be updated when the merge event is detected.

SR-D20423 · Issue 503447

Improved upgrade handling for tables using classes with property references

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

After upgrade, some page property values were blank and exposed database columns did not contain the values. Investigation showed that the reference properties did not have context and hence column population was not able to determine their value. To resolve this, instead of doing column population for all the columns, the system will identify classes that have property references and that are being optimized as part of upgrade process and maintain a list of specific columns to update.

SR-D29485 · Issue 503514

Enhancement added to modify URL encryption for load testing

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

An enhancement has been added which allows conditionally modifying URL encryption for load testing. This uses the flag crypto/useportablecipherforurlencryption: if true, a portable hardcoded key is used to encrypt the URLs and if false, a dynamically generated key per thread/requestor is used to encrypt the URL.

SR-D52969 · Issue 514705

Column population honors thread count of 1

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

The thread count parameter in the column population activity was not being honored, causing repeated deadlocks when trying to populate columns. Investigation showed that the ExposeCols process did not honor the thread count when it was 1 (the default is 4), and this has been fixed by adding the necessary code so that if the thread count is 1, it will not run in multhreaded mode.

SR-A21111 · Issue 268559

Performance improvements for embedded page reference checks

Resolved in Pega Version 7.3

Significant performance differences were seen between opening custom rules in the developer portal and opening the same rules in an embedded page. This was traced to each embedded page in the stream checking to see if reference properties are present. To resolve this, DirectStream has been modified to cache the value of containsAnyReferenceProperties if it has already been checked so that it is not repeatedly checked when it is not necessary.

SR-A92512 · Issue 270130

WebLogic tool generation updated for complexType schema

Resolved in Pega Version 7.3

A red X error was seen for PRAsync MDB modules on the Resource Dependencies screen in the WebLogic console in deployments with WebLogic 11i or 12c. This was due to the EJB component (prbeans.jar) not being implemented to support complexType schema, and has been resolved by updating the Pega Platform WebLogic components to support complexType schema in the WebLogic tool generation.

SR-B10345 · Issue 281585

Command line jar import handling improved

Resolved in Pega Version 7.3

When installing Smart Dispute and related strategic applications, exceptions occurred when generating a DDL via prpcUtils (e.g. prpcUtils.bat generateDDL) if any of the files listed in schema.archive.input did not contain schema changes or did not have a delta. This has been resolved by updating the system to better handle files that do not require a DDL to be generated.

SR-B12581 · Issue 282710

Documentation correction for naming

Resolved in Pega Version 7.3

The install, upgrade, and update guides on the PDN referring to the file properties gave erroneous name formats for the schema name properties. All instances in the documentation referring to pega.rules.schema have been changed to the correct format of, and all instances of have been changed to the correct format of

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