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INC-140279 · Issue 597756

JMX logging added to upgrade diagnostics

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.4

In order to improve diagnostic information, infoForced loggers have been added for debugging upgrade issues related to JMX calls to enable and disable rules creation.

INC-144555 · Issue 603071

Changelog cleanup added for de-optimized properties

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.4

Unwanted optimization was automatically added to properties for the Application-Work-Casetype class created using the wizard in the App Studio. Attempts to remove the optimization did not work: the property advance tab was showing the optimized classes details even after deleting and recreating the property. When a property is optimized the system adds entries to pr_changelog for the list of classes it has optimized. When the property was deleted, the pr_changelog was not cleared. This was a missed usecase, and has been resolved by overriding the Cleanup activity at Rule-Obj-Property class to delete the pr_changelog entry associated with that if it is present.

INC-144869 · Issue 606617

Improved ScalarPropertiesWriter logging

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.4

In order to improve diagnostics, debug loggers have been added to to print column name in the logs while creating map between column names and their values from clipboard page.

INC-146595 · Issue 604791

Initialized entryName for light weight inventory instance

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.4

When running deployment on a new pipeline created for the next minor version, once the deployment process got to the point of showing aged updates, the “view aged updates” came back as blank screen. Viewing the logs showed the aged update elements come back but were missing the pyName associated with them. Investigation showed that the system did not have support for setting the mEntryName for LightweightInventoryInstance objects. This has been resolved by adding a junit to ensure that getEntryName() doesn't return as null and should be equal to pzInsKey.

INC-148154 · Issue 602922

Hot Fix Manager updated to use installation order for schema import

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.4

Schema changes were not being imported during the hot fix manager DL import process. Investigation showed this was due to hotfixes in the DL being iterated over from newest to oldest, causing older hotfixes to replace the value added to a map by the newer. To resolve this, the system has been updated to use hotfix install order, which considers selected and dependent hotfixes, rather than ordering newest to oldest. This ensures that newer table representations will override older rather than the other way around.

SR-D62754 · Issue 559848

PrepareResponse updated to explictly close Input Handler

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.7

When using prpcServiceUtils to export a product in a Windows+Weblogic environment, attempting to export repeatedly using the same archiveName with the intention of overwriting the older product with the newer one in the ServiceExport directory failed with a FileNotFoundException. Investigation showed that the product file that was created by the pzExport REST call was not being released by the Weblogic File Handler process. Due to this, the next time the call was invoked the system tried to create the same file in the directory but failed due to the earlier File handle lock. To resolve this, the system has been updated to explicitly close the InputStream using try-with-resources.

SR-D78274 · Issue 544092

Handling added for dual privileges with MSSQL

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.7

After setting up dual privileges, the Admin user was able to create a table but the base user received an "insufficient privileges" error. Investigation showed this was an issue when using MSSQL: the generated grant statements used the server login name as the user in the grant statement, instead of the database user. For all other databases, the username passed into the connection is the correct user to use for grants. Only MSSQL has a distinction between this connection user name (the login) and the database user, and since the login did not exist in the user table, the grant failed. To resolve this, when MSSQL is used, the system will fetch the underlying database user when determining the user for grant statement generation.

SR-D84190 · Issue 547173

Post-Import Migration Agent query optimized

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.7

A Post-Import Migration agent belonging to the Pega-ImportExport Ruleset and set to run every 60 seconds by default triggered the SQL query "select ASTERISK from pegadata.pca_CWT_CXP_Work_Interaction" which ran for an excessive amount of time, caused a utilization spike, and then crashed the utility nodes. Investigation showed the excessive run time and load was caused by the query fetching a very large number of results. To better handle this scenario, the query usage has been updated.

SR-D84364 · Issue 551400

Check for circular references added to SearchInventoryImpl to prevent recursive call

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.7

An out of memory error was traced to SearchInventoryImpl infinitely recursing over a clipboard property, where the child property referenced a parent property and resulted in an endless loop. This has been resolved with the addition of a depth check to ensure that the search does not recurse infinitely.

SR-D85100 · Issue 556260

ProductInfoReader updated to fetch only most recent version information

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.7

After update, running Hfix scanner on Pega Marketing 8.2 displayed missed critical Hfixes for Pega Marketing 8.1. This has been resolved by modifying ProductInfoReader.runQuery to fetch only latest version of DAPF instances during a scan.

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