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SR-D37317 · Issue 512553

Run Ruleset Cleanup defaults to true

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.6

After upgrade, the rule categories and rules were not showing correctly in the App view of the Dev Portal. Many warning messages were also logged related to the Decisioning DM Sample application. This was traced to the rules cleanup script not running properly. While there was a workaround of applying the ruleset cleanup scripts manually after removing the queries that reference the pr_engineclasses table, the cleanup will now be set to run by default (run.ruleset.cleanup=true). In addition, the logic to determine which RuleSets to include has been simplified and most of the pr4_rule_vw deletions have been combined.

SR-D38318 · Issue 519710

Data pages explicitly cleared after QP use

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.6

The Util Node was showing as Offline in the Search Landing Page, and when Jobs were submitted for execution from other Nodes the message "Detected active run with unreachable nodes" was logged. The util node, configured as a backgroundprocessing node, was running QPs; the queue size for custom QPs is 500 messages /queue items per minute, but investigation showed the requestor level and thread level data pages corresponding to the QP activities were not being cleared after use. This led to high heap memory issues that made the node unreachable, and has been resolved by adding code to explicitly remove the data pages when processing has finished.

SR-D48396 · Issue 520423

Hazelcast upgraded to resolve node startup issue

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.6

Post data upgrade, the ADM tier failed to start and the error "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Node failed to start!" appeared. This was traced to a dormant bug in Hazelcast 3.11 that caused starting nodes to fail when the Hazelcast master node was shutting down, which was exposed by recent Pega changes made to enable parallel restarts of nodes in Cloud environments. Hazelcast delivered a fix for the parallel restart problem and the hotfixed jar has been merged into the platform. In addition, previous logic for loading Admin Studio waited 30 seconds before timing out when fetching information for each node. This caused issues with large clusters and Admin Studio not loading. The logic has been updated in the Admin Studio UI to load the page despite delays/issues waiting for nodes to respond to the gathering of cluster data, and the algorithm to detect remote-call timeout has been updated and is applicable to batch operation.

SR-D48433 · Issue 514857

Exception handling added for Redirect URL fetched from GRS

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.6

When the application definition under “integration and security" tab was configured to use "Store in web storage provider" to allow choosing the storage name and the authentication profile, configuring the authentication profile to use an OpenID connect provider with the pyEndpointURL property given as a global resource setting such as (=D_SharepointDetails.url) was not working as expected. Clicking browse in the application definition sent the request to the OpenID connect provider and was returned with the error "The reference =D_SharepointDetails.url is not valid. Reason: Page name (D_SharepointDetails) from indirect reference was not found." This was traced to the Redirect URL (fetched from GRS) throwing an unhandled exception, and has been resolved.

SR-D48762 · Issue 518298

Enhancement added to support DB2 CREATE OR REPLACE view syntax

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.6

After creating the product, attempting to import it on another environment failed due to incompatibilities with the syntax. In SQLGeneratorDb2.getViewSourceStatement(), when the View definition is fetched there is a check whether the view starts with "CREATE VIEW". Since the customer view of "CREATE OR REPLACE" was not supported in Db2LUW, it didn't match and appended the "CREATE VIEW" statement again. This happened only when using DB2, and has been resolved by updating the logic in SQLGeneratorDb2.getViewSourceStatement() to support CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW statements.

SR-D49804 · Issue 518226

Hierarchical view support added for moving packages

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.6

After exporting a package from a DEV environment, attempting to import it to a TEST environment resulted in the query becoming corrupted and the process failing. This was traced to the regex used to fetch the select statement table name not supporting hierarchical views, and has been resolved by adding that support.

SR-D51324 · Issue 523434

Authentication state refreshed after failure in mobile

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.6

When using the mobile app, if the log in was started and incorrect credentials or empty fields were submitted and then the credentials screen was X-ed out or canceled, attempting to log in again using the correct information still received the "Authentication failed" error. A subsequent attempt with the correct credentials would then work. This was traced to the server persisting the state from the first request (per browser session), and has been resolved.

SR-D53835 · Issue 524213

Handling added for custom authentication in embedded mashup

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.6

After embedding the Mashup gadget in an external application, at browser refresh a Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB) warning appeared and the gadget did not load as expected. A second refresh cleared the error. Investigation showed that when custom authentication is configured, 'use SSL' is checked in Authentication service. That meant that when the user was authenticated, the redirection was not considering the query string entered before authentication and the CORB warning was issued due to a change in response. Because there is special handling for the above use case and post-authentication redirection does not happen through the normal flow (HttpAPI), this issue has been resolved by honoring the query string stored in requestor (entered by user) while redirecting.

SR-D54319 · Issue 532527

API added to sync presence with requestor to clear inactive operator sessions

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.6

An intermittent error message was seen indicating the maximum number of active sessions for the current operator had been reached even though there were not multiple logins and there was no requestor displayed in the requestor management landing page. This was traced to sessions that were not properly closed and cleared, and has been resolved by exposing an API that will sync the presence record with the requestor state so inactive sessions will be cleared.

SR-D55160 · Issue 520355

Namibia and Botswana added to Currency Symbol values

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.6

Support has been added for the Namibia (en_NA) and Botswana (en_BW) locales in the default Currency Symbol values.

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