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INC-142589 · Issue 595489

Corrected tooltip evaluation for multiselect

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.3

After adding help text for a multiselect help icon with overlay on hover field, the value was not being sourced. Changing to a different type of help text or control type worked as expected. This was due to an error in case sensitivity, using pyToolTip when it should have been pyTooltip, and has been corrected.

INC-142714 · Issue 596554

Recent Cases from different applications available to open

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.3

An enhancement has been added which will allow opening other application assignments in the Recent Cases section of the current application when the user has access to multiple applications.

INC-143005 · Issue 596954

Fluid Overlay displays as expected in Firefox

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.3

After upgrade, using the Overlay format "Fluid" to perform the screening matches task in CLM using Firefox had an overlay that covered the entire screen but was missing the scrollbar to manage the content. This has been resolved by adding changes to support dynamic content (with scrollbar) for center overlay.

INC-150395 · Issue 625068

Tokenizer updated to handle commas

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.5

The Text Analyzer was not working as expected in cases where the number was combined with a comma (,) with it but was working when a space was used between the number and the comma. This was traced to the tokenizer not correctly processing and splitting the input text when there was a special character before or after the token. This has been resolved by updating the tokenizer logic.

INC-150873 · Issue 612896

Performance improvement for saving ADM model rule

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.5

Saving an ADM model rule generated a heap dump. The stack trace from the heap dump showed a thread consuming the maximum memory (4.7 GB of memory). Configurations on all factories are updated when a model rule is saved, but at the time of development it was not expected that there would be a lot of factories in a Dev environment so the system was loading all existing factories simultaneously into memory and updating configurations on them. To improve performance, an update has been made which will now sequentially load factories and update the configuration.

INC-156818 · Issue 628465

Materialization uses time limit boundary for query

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.5

After turning on Materialization for pyIHSummary and OfferOutcomesForPast45Days datasets, an SQL query was taking an excessive amount of time and causing multiple alerts in the logs. Investigation traced the issue to database partitioning, specifically that running a query where the pyOutcomeTime range spanned multiple partitions was causing the indexes for all partitions in the range to be opened. To resolve this, the query has been updated with a DSS to support a partition size of min(pxOutcomeTime) to limit the time range to querying day by day, or hour by hour, or any other chronology unit specified. If there are no records for the current limit, then it will look at the next partition. This should prevent the query from needing to open more than 1 or 2 partitions.

INC-157357 · Issue 636711

Hazelcast remote execution not called from synchronized context

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.5

After navigating to the Admin Studio portal to view the nodes, the portal was temporarily freezing. Investigation of the thread dump revealed this was caused by a DDS pulse sending a remote execution call to all nodes to update logger settings even though the site was not using DDS. This has been resolved by updating the system to avoid calling Hazelcast remote execution from a synchronized context.

INC-157629 · Issue 626632

Duplicate key exception resolved for adaptive model

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.5

During the model snapshot update, a DuplicateKeyException was generated while trying to insert a record in to the predictor table. This did not affect the model's learning, but did appear ion the model monitoring report. This was traced to a local scenario of having the same outcome values defined on the model with different cases (Accept and accept). All predictors used in an Adaptive model are inserted into the model monitoring tables as a part of the monitoring job: because the monitoring tables are not case sensitive, this lead to a unique constraint exception since there were multiple IH predictors with the same name. To resolve this, validation has been added which will skip adding duplicates from new responses.

INC-158686 · Issue 628552

DSS added to create consistent handling of longform datetime

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.5

After upgrade, a difference in handling related to datetime value was seen. For example, EmailSchedRunEndDate is a date type property holding the value "20201016T000000.000 GMT"; in Pega v7.4, a substring function was used to move the extra characters from the date field ex. EmailSchedRunStartDate = @substring(.EmailSchedRunStartDate,0,8), but in Pega v8.4 and higher the long datetime value ( "20201016T000000.000 GMT") was still being used for the date field. This long value was then truncated to 2020101+ when saving to the database, causing errors in later steps. However, research found that if there is a call @toDate function before this step for any other field, the correct date value was set for EmailSchedRunStartDate. While ClipboardPages separate Dates and DateTimes, internally, in Java, both have a time component. The implementation of DSMClipboardPage made no difference for serialization and appended the time component for pure Date properties. To create consistent handling, an update has been made to optionally set the correct behavior after setting the Dynamic System Setting by way of "Pega-DecisionEngine dsm/clipboard/correctDateFormat -> true". This setting would only take effect after a restart of Pega, and the default is false in order to not disrupt any application inadvertently relying on this behavior.

INC-158813 · Issue 629484

Updated report handling for simulations using database output

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.5

When running a simulation with a database table as the output destination, the pxObjClass property was not populating with a value in the results. This caused sub-reports to not be populated with data. Investigation showed that issue happened when the simulation output destination database table was inferred as an external table due to not having an exposed column for pzinskey. To resolve this, the pxObjClass and pxCreateDateTime properties, which were added to simulation output destination tables for compatibility with Report browser, will not be added to those tables when they are created. Instead, to address compatibility issues of simulation output destination classes with Report browse in the Customer Decision Hub, the pyDefaultSummaryReport has been brought up into the Data-Decision-StrategyExecution-ResultOutput class from the @baseclass.

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