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SR-D5904 · Issue 490489

Discard changes dialog now showing for local actions

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

After having modified case data without saving and clicking on a menu entry (left menu, search, ...), the system shows a dialog box to ask the user to confirm it is ok to discard changes. However, this confirmation dialog did not work with local actions, leading users to lose their work without any warning nor any way to step back. This was traced to a difference in the dirty form check, which was not present when launching a local action from a case. An enhancement has now been added to the handleMenuAction js function in pypega_ui_harnessactions.js which will perform a dirty form check with a prompt.

SR-D23723 · Issue 503090

pxGenerateExcelFile updated for handling blank dates

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

When using a custom template for exporting to Excel, blank DateTime property column values defaulted to the current date. To resolve this, the pxGenerateExcelFile activity has been updated to ensure that an empty date will be exported as blank and that given dates will appear in the correct datetime format.

SR-D24950 · Issue 494566

Added explicit step page to resolve null-pointer exception with custom error message

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

A null pointer exception was generated during case run time harness refresh after a custom error message was inserted. This was traced to a blank step page related to the custom message, and has been resolved by adding a primary step page at step 10 of the New(Work-) activity to prevent the null-pointer exception on harness reload.

SR-D42679 · Issue 509565

oLog.infoForced has been replaced with oLog.debug in GetAssignmentDetailsInternal to reduce excessive logging

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

The Rest API used by Robotics was generating excessive logging on the application server due toPzGetAssignmentDetailsInternal generating several lines of logs with each REST call. In a high volume system, this can make the logs difficult to utilize. To resolve this, oLog.infoForced has been replaced with oLog.debug.

SR-D26976 · Issue 507215

Filter added to ensure correct context for proposition strategy rules

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

Given two applications (ex App1 and App2) hosted on the same domain where App2 was built on App1, trying to create a strategy rule in App1 and do a test run strategy using the propositional data component which internally uses App2 propositions generated the error: Failed to find a 'RULE-DECISION-DECISIONPARAMETERS' with the name 'GROUP_2'. There were 1 rules with this name in the rulebase, but none matched this request." Investigation showed the strategy was using the PropositionNoCacheUtils and PropositionTools java classes to load the propositions during run time. In these classes, the group classes were browsed from the db irrespective of the application context, causing the strategy run to fail as it was not able to access the decision data rules in other applications which shared the same SR class as the current application. To resolve this, a filter has been added to the PropositionNoCacheUtils and PropositionTools java classes to filter out the groups that are not in the current application context.

SR-D31103 · Issue 502980

VBD insert process updated for better retry handling

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

When restarting Data Flow and VBD nodes, the VBD client can encounter some exceptions indicating components in the stack are temporarily unavailable. In most cases the VBD client retries, but there are some cases where it did not and data flow failures occurred. To resolve this, the code has been updated to remove logging of the VBD cluster status during a retry, and the retry duration has been made configurable.

SR-D37163 · Issue 505479

Corrected Decision Data import filter behavior

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

After upgrade, if a Decision data import referred another component to filter out the import, it did not work. This has been corrected.

SR-D38492 · Issue 505491

Batching now enabled when using IH Summary shape in substrategies

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

Batching was not being enabled when using IH Summary shape in substrategies. This was traced to the IH_SUMMARY_CACHE field not automatically being passed to sub-strategies, and has been corrected.

SR-D39956 · Issue 511639

Corrected method IF use with shortcut function

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

After upgrade, method IF was not working as expected when used in an expression like "@if(.totalorders_120days>0,(.remakeorders_120days/.totalorders_120days)<0.3,false)". This was caused by a missed use case for the combination of an exception-generating function in combination with a shortcut function (i.e. ternary, and, or), and has been resolved.

SR-D47713 · Issue 511972

Corrected issue with strategy framework testing

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

Issues were seen in creating a dataflow to test the strategy framework shipped with the Pega Marketing product. It was not possible to use a data transform to test this strategy because it is in the shipped PegaMKTEngine ruleset. Investigation showed the value of appliedToClass was retrieved from "pyRunOnDataFlowClassName" instead of from the running strategy, and this has been resolved.

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