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SR-D33359 · Issue 505773

SelectAll properly applied to only the page selected

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.4

In repeating grid, applying SelectAll on one page resulted in it being applied to the next page as well even though all records in the other page were not selected. Investigation showed that on change, the 'when' condition added to refresh the list was always false. To resolve this, the condition in section pzBulkProcessingCheckbox which refreshes the list once the checkbox is changed has been removed.

SR-D37444 · Issue 507038

WorkBasketGadget control updated for improved backwards compatibility

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.4

After upgrade, the WorkBasketGadget Control was not retrieving the work queues. This was traced to a backwards compatibility issue introduced when greater security was put in place. The control WorkBasketGadget contains a call to pzEncryptURLActionString that was introduced in 8.x versions of the platform to encrypt URLs to avoid hijacking. The content of the URL relies on the pxRequestor.pxWorkGroup property, which is resolved using pega:reference tags. This approach was working in versions below 8.x, but these tags were not resolved at runtime. To correct this, requestorWorkGroup will be resolved as string and passed as a parameter instead of using pega:reference tags.

SR-D26785 · Issue 495892

Corrected error when persisting temporary work object

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.4

When persisting a temporary work object using the Persist case shape, the internal assignment handle was not updated to include the work object's ID. Subsequent attempts to access the internal assignment (such as the "Edit" button on the Review Harness) resulted in errors. Investigation showed that when a temporary case was persisted, pyInternalAssignmentHandle was not getting recalculated after pzInsKey was updated. To resolve this, the configuration on the edit button has been modified to use .pxFlow(pzInternalCaseFlow).pxAssignmentKey which is what pyInternalAssignmentHandle declare expression was also returning.

SR-D32525 · Issue 505467

Dirty check added to offer save/discard changes when closing tab

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.4

With the OOTB section enabled, performing a change in the form (changing a text value, selecting a option in a dropdown, etc.) and closing the case generated an unexpected alert indicating that the case was changed and the modifications were lost. This differs from the previous behavior of showing the section pyDirtyCheckConfirm which offered the opportunity to save the work. This was a missed use case and has been resolved by updating the system to perform a check for the dirty state when closing the interaction and show a modal dialog asking the user to choose either save/discard if dirty.

SR-D29832 · Issue 503225

Corrected image alignment for email case creation

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.4

An issue with missing image styling when an email was sent to create a case was traced to the Owasp library stripping align attributes from the img tag. This has been fixed.

SR-D33966 · Issue 504607

Corrected accessibility error after resize

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.4

From within a Case and on a screen displaying the Information and Audit tabs in a Layout group, it was possible to use a series of sequences that included resizing the browser and opening Audit to cause the information tab to no longer be accessible. This has been resolved by setting the transform value to 0 after completing the resize.

SR-D28965 · Issue 501857

Repository document deletion modified for better cleanup

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.4

When using documents functionality, creating and uploading a document properly stored it, but deleting the document did not remove the associated files from storage. Whenever a document is created that has a file, instances Of Link-Attachment and Data-WorkAttach-File are also created. Previously, when the document was deleted, the associated instances and actual file were not deleted from the repositories but rather marked as Resolved-Withdrawn and hidden at the UI level. The system has now been updated so that when a document is deleted, the document attachment will also be deleted from all places like list, Tile, and document View, and reference instances like Link-Attachment and Data-WorkAttach-File instance will also be removed along with the actual file from the repository.

SR-D22415 · Issue 493439

Enhancement added to expose BrowserAttachmentTypeTable

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.1

By default, the inline view of PDF files appears with the thread name visible. An enhancement has been made to expose pzBrowserAttachmentTypeTable as a py rule: when the DT is overridden such that return is false for PDF, the inline view is not displayed but instead the PDF is downloaded when clicked.

SR-D23723 · Issue 503087

pxGenerateExcelFile updated for handling blank dates

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.1

When using a custom template for exporting to Excel, blank DateTime property column values defaulted to the current date. To resolve this, the pxGenerateExcelFile activity has been updated to ensure that an empty date will be exported as blank and that given dates will appear in the correct datetime format.

SR-D26589 · Issue 496719

pxParseExcelFile activity will now parse multiple sheets

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.1

When trying to use the activity pxParseExcelFile on an Excel file containing three sheets where each sheet had a different pagelist, the properties mentioned in sheet 1 were populated on upload but the remaining sheets only showed the error message "Could not get clipboard property for reference Work Queues.". This was caused by an error in Row index handling for the additional sheets, and has been resolved by updating the logic to populate the data in the clipboard. Additional issues for this issue in 8.4 to fix issues like formulae not getting evaluated and $ not parsed: 501592, 501383

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