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INC-147873 · Issue 610865

Custom header character encoding for Subject added

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.5

Case correspondence that contained a Subject with accent characters such as "Invitation à être" was being rejected by MailJet on the basis of encoding issues on the "Thread-Topic" when using custom headers. The error "BAD HEADER SECTION, Non-encoded non-ASCII data (and not UTF-8)" was generated. This was traced to the Send Email Smart Shape handling when using custom headers, and has been resolved by encoding the Subject before appending it to the Thread-topic header while adding custom headers.

INC-161645 · Issue 634639

Java Bean import updated to handling differences in Java 7 and Java 8

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.5

The behavior of the java bean Introspector class is inconsistent across different versions of the JDK when detecting indexed properties built off of java.util.List objects, causing Java Bean import to generate differently in Java 7 and Java 8. This has been resolved by updating PRIndexedPropertyDescriptor to better handle this JDK difference by resolving indexed read and write methods manually using simple reflection.

INC-163292 · Issue 635839

Portlet service deprecated

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.5

Portlet authentication services have been removed from the standard installation package. The IAC service has been restored.

SR-D48369 · Issue 514307

Reinitializing Full Text Search will shut down Elastic Search regardless of search initialization status

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.8

Pega search was only sporadically working after converting from standard sandbox-marketing to largesandbox-marketing. This was traced to the Full-Text Search initialization having failed on the app-tier node during re-initialization. As part of re-initialization, the existing node is shut down and the Elastic Search node is started. The shutdown process relied on a boolean flag which indicated if the current status of full-text search initialization was successful. In this case, ES was trying to validate all the cluster level settings, for every save of one of the cluster level settings, but could not due to topology changes in the Util Tier node. The boolean flag indicated initialization had failed so the shutdown process was not invoked, yet the system was attempting to start the second instance of an ES node on the same machine. To resolve this, the shutdown FTS code has been modified to shutdown ES regardless of the search initialization status.

SR-D56293 · Issue 536776

Resolved timeout errors related to getIndexInfo

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.8

When attempting to import large files (around 300MB) via Designer Studio a time out error was seen, but the same upload worked as expected from the command line. Investigation showed that the "approximate" argument in getIndexInfo caused wasteful analytic operations to be run on the database, hampering performance. To resolve this, areas where the results of the analysis are not needed have been modified to have aApproximate set to be true so it will not be run.

SR-D60375 · Issue 527755

Resolved upgrade SqlSyntaxErrorException

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.8

When trying to perform an in-place update, the error "SqlSyntaxErrorException" appeared. Investigation showed that DDL statements for Adding 'pzInsKey' as PrimaryKey for Tables pc_work and pr_sys_locks were generated during the upgrade while pzInsKey was already the PrimaryKey in corresponding tables. This has been corrected.

SR-D65112 · Issue 541147

Added support for imported rules to populate bixreportpage

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.8

Extract rules were not holding the filter criteria after upgrade while performing save-as (for the first time) of the imported rules from the previous version. Criteria were held when the filters were created in the new version. This was caused by BIX extracts created in earlier releases (7.x) not having bixreportpage included. When an environment was upgraded to 8.x versions, opening an extract required the bixreportpage to be populated with Report Definition metadata including the filters defined in the actual extract. Although the filters from the original extract were converted to filters that are acceptable by ReportDefinition, they were not being added to bixreportpage on opening the extract. To resolve this, the system has been updated to copy the filters back to bixreportpage on opening the extract in the upgraded environment.

SR-D66986 · Issue 539412

BIX command line support improved

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.8

Post-upgrade, it was seen that changes to the engine which validate that Data-Admin-DB-Name is not defined multiple times caused the BIX command line extracts to no longer work the same way. In order to improve backwards compatibility, updates have been made to loosen the validation in JdbcConfigurationFactory to always prefer prconfig settings if there are multiple definitions.

SR-D71977 · Issue 535600

Obj-Browse will retrieve more than 50 records

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.8

After performing multiple skims, a newly added property was not retrieved when an Obj-Browse was performed. In Obj-Browse action, when a class is mapped to an external table and does not contain BLOB column pzpvstream, in a specific case where pxObjClass value is a reference to a parameter, a list of properties mapped to the class explicitly by querying pr4_rule_property table using NativeSQL is fetched. This call by default returns only 50 records: in cases where there are more than 50 properties for an external class, some of the properties from the obj-browse response mapping are therefore missed. To resolve this, the limit of 50 records has been removed from this NativeSQL call.

SR-D79565 · Issue 541532

BIX extracts traverse up from embedded pages to find target tables

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.8

For BIX Extracts with Output Format : Database Schema, the target table name was not being generated if the properties were buried under two levels of Embedded Pages. Instead, in case of multiple nested levels of PAGE property types, the system ended up referring the immediate Parent page or its parent PAGE for pySourceName. Since this is of type PAGE, an empty value was returned for the target table name and the extract would fail. To resolve this, the system has been updated to traverse up the node parents until the correct target table name is found.

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