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INC-120600 · Issue 565198

Handling added to avoid primary key exception in pxExtractDataWithArgs

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.9

While running the activity pxExtractDataWithArgs with -c, the "Error while getting the sequenceNumberERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint pr_log_pk" occurred if both Parent and Child classes were pointing to different table and extraction started from the child class. In this case, because the Parent and Child classes were pointing to different tables while extracting with the -c option, the class list order caused a primary key constraint violation exception while generating the process sequence number. To resolve this, while adding the classes to the instance map, the order will be changed to parent followed by child classes.

INC-122191 · Issue 564458

Application content storage change corrected

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.9

Selecting the Content Storage radio buttons set a background property indicating the content storage option was changed, but the property was not actually being set. Investigation showed that the value for pyContentStorageChanged was not being updated correctly before the section refreshed, meaning the selection was never saved. This has been corrected.

INC-125633 · Issue 589576

Oracle performance improvement

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.9

Poor performance was seen when importing a RAP with schemas using Oracle. To resolve this, an update has been made which will set the Oracle tuning parameter at the session level by altering the setting \"_OPTIMIZER_PUSH_PRED_COST_BASED\""=false before the SMA query involving all_constraints. The setting will be returned to true after the execution of the SMA query. This is controlled through the prconfig setting '""database/performance/smaqueryperformanceenabled"" which defaults to true so the setting and unsetting of the Oracle parameter is automatic."

INC-128899 · Issue 578022

Resolved BIX Extract Summary Status Count mismatch

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.9

A mismatch was seen between the summary of the Extract Summary Status Count in the Execution History stats versus the logs, for example the execution history saying 98.74% completed while the log says 100% or 100.45% completed. Investigation showed there was mismatch in the query based on the filter value given in the extract rule and the where clause in the query that resulted in an error in calculating percentage in case of any exception. This has been resolved.

INC-131488 · Issue 577697

Added handling for download of attachment with special characters

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.9

If the name of an uploaded attachment contained a non-ascii character, the upload was successful but the downloaded file had the wrong name without any suffix. This was an issue on WAS or JBoss servers where filenames contained non-ascii characters, and the filename parameter in the content disposition header also contained these characters. To resolve this, the filename parameter in the content disposition header will be encoded as well along with the filename* parameter to handle non-ascii characters in the filename.

INC-133173 · Issue 573441

Landing page refresh modified to avoid frequent reloads

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.9

Approximately every two weeks, clients were able to login but it was not possible to work as the landing page refreshed constantly until all of the nodes were rebooted and the issue was cleared. Investigation indicated the frequent reloads were related to the cacheing of the operator details, and this has been resolved by updating the datapage reload strategy based on 'when' so frequent reloads will be avoided.

INC-135550 · Issue 581375

Resolved slowness in retrieving case attachment from AWS

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.9

Attempting to open a case attachment caused the application to slow over time and eventually became unresponsive. Restarting the Tomcat nodes improved the response time. This was traced to a null Buffered Input Stream not being closed correctly when using AWS, and has been resolved by adding the needed logic to PegaGadget-Pulse.pzStorageAttachSelectedFile. In addition, enhanced logging has been added to Embed-Repository-S3.pyGetFile. Enhancements have also been added to improve the use of AWS file storage: - Logging for AWS SDK connection metrics can be activated on a per-repository basis, either through the ruleform or through the DSS storage/class/:/enableMetrics. - INFO logging can be enabled on PegaAWSSDKMetricReporter to periodically output averages of recorded metrics for all registered S3 repositories with metric collection enabled, or INFO logging can be enabled on PegaAWSRequestMetricCollector to output recorded metrics on every client call for all registered S3 repositories with metric collection enabled. - The interval at which PegaAWSSDKMetricReporter logs metrics at can be configured with the DASS storage/AWSSDK/metricReportingInterval. This DASS is a system-wide setting, and not a per-repository setting. The default reporting interval is 90 seconds, and metric collection is disabled on all repositories by default.

INC-135823 · Issue 581322

Transient property passivation handling improved

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.9

Frequent "" errors were seen in the production log file while working on the WO. This was traced to corruption in the blob caused by transient properties during passivation. To resolve this, corrections have been made to the handling for the transient property entries in the blob.

INC-138675 · Issue 598087

Enhancements added to S3 repository implementation

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.9

The following changes have been made to avoid redundant/unnecessary S3 SDK calls to look-up metadata for files/folders related to integrated S3 Repository API implementation: Provided storage/AWSSDK/enableSDKMetrics DASS to enable AWS SDK metrics for S3 repositories system-wide to troubleshoot performance issues Added timers for Pega platform repository APIs. To see these timers in Pega application log, set log level to WARN for the log category pxIntegration.Repository.S3 and set log level to DEBUG for the logger com.amazonaws.latency Optimized FileS3Adapter.getMetadata() by avoiding object-metadata lookup for directories and caching rootpath directory metadata for 5 mins Handled exceptions while uploading file to S3 bucket and convey appropriate error message to RepositoryManager.createFile() API consumer Refined DEBUG logging and introduced new loggers to emit stacktraces Enhanced RepositoryManager.initCache() and FileStorageManager.registerStorageClasses() to maintain non-overridable repositories (that are initialized based on DASS/DNode settings on node start-up) and to prohibit overriding the same.

INC-142036 · Issue 594578

Additional BIX logging added

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.9

In order to improve the ability to trace and resolve issues related to BIX extract rule failures, additional diagnostic logging has been added.

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