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INC-156674 · Issue 674056

Handling added for reactivating combined Passivation and AccessGroup timeout

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6.2

Refreshing a passivated browser window in Dev Studio for an operator with a combined access group and passivation timeout was resulting in a blank screen after re-authenticating. InvalidParameterException and InvalidReferenceException messages were logged. Research showed this was caused by a missing pxPortal property on the pxThread page along with missing Application and Accessgroup pages. While refreshing the browser along with the top URL, there will be few requests with tab threads calling activities such as deletedocumentpg and SetProcessWindowName because there was an unload. Because these requests reached the server before re-authentication, the threads proceeded to the activation flow, causing properties such as pxPortal, Application, and Accessgroup pages to be removed from the thread page and requestor page according to the condition that the requestor was not yet authenticated. To resolve this, the logic in session.internal.authorization.context.BasicApplicationContextImmutableImpl#applyApplicationProperties has been updated to skip removing application page properties from the thread page in this combined Passivation and AccessGroup timeout scenario.

INC-161645 · Issue 634638

Java Bean import updated to handling differences in Java 7 and Java 8

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6.2

The behavior of the java bean Introspector class is inconsistent across different versions of the JDK when detecting indexed properties built off of java.util.List objects, causing Java Bean import to generate differently in Java 7 and Java 8. This has been resolved by updating PRIndexedPropertyDescriptor to better handle this JDK difference by resolving indexed read and write methods manually using simple reflection.

INC-164021 · Issue 638638

Java object type removed from pyStream to resolve GetFile class error

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6.2

It was not possible to perform Property-Set on pyStream( to assign it with another object of type(returned by pxGetFile Rule-Utility-Function). This was caused by a strongly typed in the pyStream property creating conflict at runtime with S3WrapperInputStream from the D_GetNewFile call, and has been fixed by removing the java object type from pyStream.

INC-168254 · Issue 659298

Documentation updated for accents and special characters used in search

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6.2

The "Pega search API" article has been updated to reflect that the search functionality in Pega Platform does not match accented words with unaccented. For example, searching for santé and sante will retrieve different results. In addition, Domain Specific Language (DSL) includes special characters for use when searching, for example '-', '_', '!', '@'. However, the system retrieves various results depending on the way the special characters are used in the search query. If the query contains special characters that are not escaped, the system may retrieve incorrect results. For example, not escaping the slash mark in the 25/02 query may cause the system to ignore the special character.

INC-170458 · Issue 667372

Handling updated for queue processor locks

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6.2

The Final activity mentioned in the processing epilog of the Service File rule was not being consistently called from File Listener, causing some of the cases to become stuck and not continue to the next stage. Investigation showed that if the lock was held by the queue processor requestor, the system was unable to obtain the lock but still proceeded to update the LogServiceFile page and persist it. This resulted in overwriting changes made on the LogServiceFile page by the requestor, resetting the completed-batches-count set back to 0. To resolve this, RuleServiceFile -> updateLSFBatchCounts() will call the overloaded lockAndLoad() method in LogServiceFile that accepts a parameter called lockAttempts. This will attempt to obtain a lock for a given number of times before throwing an exception.

INC-170646 · Issue 658308

Security update for unauthorized URL requests

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6.2

Updates have been made to improve security around unprivileged users and unregistered requests.

INC-172849 · Issue 665982

SortPageList method updated for Obj-Sort

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6.2

Sorting page lists backed by a node level datapage using Obj-Sort was causing a ConcurrentModificationException. This has been resolved by updating the SorterImpl.sortPageList method to use java7CollectionsSort instead of collectionsSortWithInferenceEngineDisabled.

INC-174625 · Issue 655243

Admin Studio will consider cluster protocol when returning listener status

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6.2

When using a few nodes in standalone mode for BIX extract combined with server nodes using Hazelcast, opening the admin studio pages with service discovery caused an error to be thrown. This was traced to the system writing an entry to pr_sys_statusnodes table as an embedded node whenever a BIX extract was triggered, causing those standalone nodes to be incorrectly considered by the listener landing page. This has been resolved by configuring the system to either return the local member when the cluster protocol is standalone or to return all Hazelcast members if the cluster protocol is Hazelcast.

INC-175672 · Issue 655810

ServicePackage thread handling improvements

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6.2

Work recently done to improve the release of requestor pool threads for the ServicePackage has been further enhanced by adding an explicit status notification to the thread waiting for Data Pages to be loaded in background and added support for the use case of a missing object handler.

INC-176112 · Issue 662449

When rule inside a loop correctly picked

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6.2

While using a 'when' rule inside a loop of a page list, the rule was not being picked during runtime. This has been resolved by adding an update to allow an assembly time class name to be passed into runtime.

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