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SR-D42670 · Issue 510185

Force order added to inner join when running a Rules Resolution filter

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

After upgrade, D_getResolvedWorkStatuses was not loading properly due to a Report Definition that used a Filter by Rule Resolution option timing out on the SQL Server. When the Filter by Rule Resolution option is selected in RD, it will generate a rule resolution query with an inner join which can cause a time out on the SQL Server while it tries to find out the join order for tables with multiple joins. To resolve this, the SQL server will provide a Force order, merge inner join hint option by way of an added DSS reporting/useForceOrderHint. Additionally, reporting/useMergeHintForRRquery should be set on Pega-Reporting to set things up for using the Merge Inner join hint in the query.

SR-D21555 · Issue 501107

Resolved command line BIX/PRPCUtils creating unreachable nodes

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

BIX and PRPCUtils scripts were creating nodes that showed as unreachable or that were never cleared. This was traced to a code change that resulted in nodes starting as stream nodes unless given a node type or DSS settings, and has been resolved by setting the asyncExecutor/enable setting value as false in the prconfig.xml. The BIX command line JVM argument should also be set to NodeType=BIX.

SR-D46159 · Issue 510973

Reinitializing Full Text Search will shut down Elastic Search regardless of search initialization status

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

Pega search was only sporadically working after converting from standard sandbox-marketing to largesandbox-marketing. This was traced to the Full-Text Search initialization having failed on the app-tier node during re-initialization. As part of re-initialization, the existing node is shut down and the Elastic Search node is started. The shutdown process relied on a boolean flag which indicated if the current status of full-text search initialization was successful. In this case, ES was trying to validate all the cluster level settings, for every save of one of the cluster level settings, but could not due to topology changes in the Util Tier node. The boolean flag indicated initialization had failed so the shutdown process was not invoked, yet the system was attempting to start the second instance of an ES node on the same machine. To resolve this, the shutdown FTS code has been modified to shutdown ES regardless of the search initialization status.

SR-D45600 · Issue 510385

pzIsACoverageSessionActiveForThisRequestor moved to @baseclass

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

When logging out, the error " Failed to find a 'RULE-OBJ-WHEN' with the name 'PZISACOVERAGESESSIONACTIVEFORTHISREQUESTOR' that applies to 'Code-Pega-List' appeared. This was a log errors issue caused by a 'when' rule not being found due to the temporary Pega step page matching with a locally created page, causing the rule resolution of the 'when' rule to fail. To resolve this, the 'when' rule pzIsACoverageSessionActiveForThisRequestor has been moved to @baseclass.

SR-D25753 · Issue 499269

Added WebSphere Liberty Profile to BaseEnvironment.guessServerEnvironment

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

While trying to add a node to Decision data store nodes via Designer Studio > Decisioning > Infrastructure > Service, the error "Service DDS:** java.lang.NullPointerException" was seen, and it was not possible to add a node or save any configuration. This was caused by an incomplete profile for Websphere Liberty, causing the com.pega.pegarules.priv.context.BaseEnvironment.guessServerEnvironment() API to return 'unknown' as the answer when WLP was used. This has been fixed, and the API will return "Websphere" for Websphere liberty profile as well.

SR-D29034 · Issue 500682

Added support for JSON mapping of deep nested pagelist objects

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

An exception occurred when using a JSON data transform in the service activity to map the clipboard data to JSON on the third level of a structure formed as Pagelist-->page-->pagelist. To resolve this, support has been added for nested pagelist mapping with deep nesting of objects (configured for one sided actions) and arrays.

SR-D38931 · Issue 507058

Support added for Multiple Set-Cookies in Connect REST

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

When using a REST connector, the service returned multiple cookies as separate Set-Cookie response headers, but only the last header value received was stored when using pzResponseHeaderMap on the parameter page. In order to support this use, changes have been made to store multiple header values from Connect-REST responses.

SR-D18853 · Issue 503274

Visibility on client check removed to enable Pulse on click

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

When Pulse was configured on click of a icon, the comment section was not visible. Investigation showed that at the time of DOM load, pyMessage property was not available in the DOM because 'Run visibility condition on client' was checked by default. Visibility on client checks have been removed to resolve this issue.

SR-103429 · Issue 136984

Rule-Service-Java authentication in a stateless session re-enabled

Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

When exposing Rule-Service-Java through a service package, a proxy jar file is created. If the 'Requires Authentication' option was checked on the service package, the generated java did not contain the required code to pass through the username/password and authentication failed. This method of passing credentials via proxy method parameters was previously withdrawn for the stateless processing mode, but the java code has been reinstated to enable authentication for a stateless session if this method is desired.

SR-108346 · Issue 166436

Corrected purging for History and Attachments

Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

A problem was found with purging the History and Attachments for cover and folder items. This was traced to history tables using datetime columns as key properties: many databases round these values to less precision than PRPC uses, and the keys did not match. The purgeitems function has been updated to delete the instance specifically and bypass recalculating the InsKey.

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