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INC-147873 · Issue 610865

Custom header character encoding for Subject added

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.5

Case correspondence that contained a Subject with accent characters such as "Invitation à être" was being rejected by MailJet on the basis of encoding issues on the "Thread-Topic" when using custom headers. The error "BAD HEADER SECTION, Non-encoded non-ASCII data (and not UTF-8)" was generated. This was traced to the Send Email Smart Shape handling when using custom headers, and has been resolved by encoding the Subject before appending it to the Thread-topic header while adding custom headers.

INC-145802 · Issue 636324

Oracle temporary space explicitly freed after writing LOBs

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.4

Oracle temporary space used to write the LOB was not freed up after writing records to Log-Service-File when using OJDBC8 or OJDBC10 versions and the table involved had inline BLOB storage such as small blob tables like Log-service-file (2-4kB blobs). This did not occur when using OJDBC7, but investigation with Oracle could not determine why the older version did not have this issue. This issue has been resolved by explicitly freeing the LOB space with a call to free() / freeTemporary() , a utility for LOB objects that was introduced in JDBC 4.

INC-154026 · Issue 631041

Resolved exception from expanding deserialized Data Page

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.4

When using a data page backed by a report definition where the data page data type was Rule- and the virtual page data type was Rule-Obj-Property, serializing and deserializing the data page and then expanding the deserialized data page generated the exception "the reference .pzInsKey is not valid. Reason: .pzInsKey is mapped to class Rule-Obj-Property, which is not the primary class of the list: Rule-; must specify a group name in mapping". The issue occurred only if "Run on Data Page" on the data page was checked and "Report on descendant class instances" on the report definition was unchecked, and has been resolved by updating the runLoadActivity() of DeclarativePageDirectoryImpl to skip setting pyObjClass for the report definition if it already present, i.e. if already set by the loader activity.

INC-155624 · Issue 634716

MSGraph email listener enhancements

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.4

Attachments with .eml /.msg extensions were treated as FileAttachments by the MS Graph API and generating a classcastexception. To resolve this, a check has been added to identify the attachment along with content type so .eml will be correctly recognized. In addition, the MSGraph email listener functionality related to converting from Graph to MIME message has been enhanced around the 'TO' and 'CC' recipients in a MIME message and for parsing nested attachments in Item attachment for addition to MsgraphMessage.

INC-156758 · Issue 629937

ExpandStream called before Page-Merge-Into to ensure correct merge

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.4

The Page-Merge-Into method was not merging the source page into the target page when the use case was run without tracer, but merged properly when run with tracer. This was traced to an intermittent issue with expanding properties, and has been resolved by calling expandStream on the source property if it is unknown prior to checking if the source and target properties are merge compatible.

INC-158728 · Issue 625588

Oracle handling updated for upgrade DDL

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.4

DDL generated for a Pega upgrade displayed the error "ALTER TABLE PC_ASSIGN_WORKBASKET DROP CONSTRAINT GETNEXTWORKINWORKGROUP" when trying to install. This was traced to a change made by Oracle for optimization, and has been resolved by updating the handling for primary key constraint and the corresponding index name.

INC-159143 · Issue 628923

Methods updated to prevent rounding of JSON response decimals

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.4

When using a REST connector for an outside service, precision numbers in the JSON response were being rounded or truncated when parsed for the DataSource page. For example, a JSON message with a value like 6045.900000000000000001 became rounded to 6045.9. This happened in both methods used for fast and non-fast processing, and has been resolved by treating the decimal value as a string and then creating a BigDecimal object out of it to avoid truncation in the fast processing scenario, and by adding mapper.enable(DeserializationFeature.USE_BIG_DECIMAL_FOR_FLOATS); for the non-fast processing scenario.

INC-159438 · Issue 632186

HTTP Strict Transport Security update

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.4

An update has been made to increase the max age of the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) header parameter from 7 days to 1 year.

INC-159717 · Issue 634926

Zero Downtime Upgrade mechanism updated

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.4

Scheduled Agents were running several times on each node when there were many executions scheduled for the same agent. This was due to the task derived from the agent's schedule not being unique to the agent, allowing the Zero Downtime Upgrade logic handling the insertion to restart agents several times while reacting to cluster topology changes. To resolve this and make the process more robust, the Zero Downtime Upgrade mechanism has been updated with better tracking and logging.

INC-161645 · Issue 634639

Java Bean import updated to handling differences in Java 7 and Java 8

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.5

The behavior of the java bean Introspector class is inconsistent across different versions of the JDK when detecting indexed properties built off of java.util.List objects, causing Java Bean import to generate differently in Java 7 and Java 8. This has been resolved by updating PRIndexedPropertyDescriptor to better handle this JDK difference by resolving indexed read and write methods manually using simple reflection.

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