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INC-153805 · Issue 627966

Mobile app language remains consistent after data sync

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.5

When using a Field Service Mobile App where the locale of all workers was set to nl_NL, the UI was intermittently flipping from NL to EN and and back again. This was traced to the locale of the requestor (field worker) being lost during synchronization of the mobile app data to the server, causing the UI to fall back to the default value of EN. This has been resolved by ensuring the requestor always uses the chosen locale for the operator.

INC-155640 · Issue 622977

Mobile logging updated for data page required parameters

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.5

After upgrade, the number of warnings increased substantially in the mobile app log file for D_Pages, specifying "Required parameter X for data page X cannot be blank." This was traced to the forced logging related to missing required parameters for Parameterized DataPages during DeltaSyncs. In order to increase the value of the logging, the process has been moved from being called before packaging the Data Page to being printed later in packaging code and set to warn only about any unsupported data page configuration with required parameters.

INC-155752 · Issue 622770

Hidden Question pages and answers will be saved to DB

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.5

After a question page was shown and some values were entered, going back to the question and reverting an option caused the question page to not be visible, but the answer values persisted in the clipboard and were eventually saved into the database. This was a missed use case for Question page smart shapes, and has been resolved by updating the pzSetQuestionPageParams data transform so that whenever a question page is evaluated to either to show/hide, when the question page visibility is set to false and the pyClearAnswerValuesWhenQPHidden 'when' rule is overridden, the corresponding values will be wiped from the clipboard and only the required values will be saved to the database. However, please note this is not supported for branching logic and visibility conditions should be used instead.

INC-157217 · Issue 631968

Field Service mobile refresh timing updated

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.5

A configuration in the Field Service mobile app used to select and map data from a modal section to a wrapper section used "pega.fsm.mobileutil.reloadSection" to refresh the wrapper section and make the data visible after the mapping. If the refresh was performed after the initial login, the refresh was done on only a portion of the screen and resulted in incorrect data being shown to the user. However, continuing to fill in the section and then saving and reopening the task displayed the correct results. The issue was reproducible only on the first attempt after clearing cache/date: subsequent uses refreshed properly. This was traced to the timing of the configured actions, which caused the refreshSection action to be triggered before the runDataTransform action execution was completed. This has been resolved by adding code that will pause the action queue until the runDataTransform action completed.

INC-157317 · Issue 620572

Signature Capture supported in repeating dynamic layouts

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.5

An enhancement has been added which supports using Signature Capture on forms in repeating dynamic layouts.

INC-157532 · Issue 631714

Corrected runtime name length check for custom fields to resolve logged error

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.5

The error "Notification_MobilePush.Action ERROR - Can't parse JSON string to map" was being frequently logged. Investigation showed that in the Step8 activity in pySendNofication from Pega-Notification-MobilePush class, setting @String.length(customFields)>0 where customFields was a local value caused the runtime length check on customFields to fail. To resolve this, the Step8 activity in pySendNofication from Pega-Notification-MobilePush class has been modified from using @String.length(customFields)>0 to use @String.length(Local.customFields)>0.

INC-157696 · Issue 623883

Able to add message to Pulse when it includes "@."

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.5

Messages that contained the "@." character, like "", "" or "personas@..." were not being added in Pega Pulse. This has been resolved by setting the workid prefix in pyDefault of PegaSocial-Group and adding a check to see if the mentioned item starts with a workid prefix before doing an obj-browse.

INC-160275 · Issue 628102

Unchecked Include descendant classes in pyFeedUserDetails report definition

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.5

After upgrade from Pega 7.4. to Pega 8.4, the use of a custom class 'XX-Data-OperatorLoginDetails' which pattern-inherits from Data-Admin-Operator-ID was causing the error "Union not applied because properties [pyImageFileName, pyEmailAddress, pyUseLocale, pyDefaultTimeZone] are not optimized in Data-OperatorLoginDetails”. This happened when the case manager portal was launched and the report definition pyFeedUserDetails (introduced in newer releases) was running by default, and was due to the presence of a few unoptimized properties when the report definition had "Report on Descendant classes" - include all descendant classes, checked by default. To resolve this, the checkbox to Include descendant classes in pyFeedUserDetails is now set as unchecked by default.

INC-160295 · Issue 635007

Null check added for pzinskey in CSLoadSelectedArticle

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.5

In step 5 of CSLoadSelectedArticle, there is a call to pzGetAssociatedTags. Step 1 of pzGetAssociatedTags is an Obj-Browse with MaxRecords set to 100000000, and there is logic to retrieve records where pxLinkedRefFrom = Primary.pzInsKey. If Primary.pzInsKey is null, then the Obj-Browse will fetch all of the records. In order to prevent an unnecessary flood of results, a when condition has been added in the CSLoadSelectedArticle rule to check pzInskey so that when the context is empty the system will not call the pzGetAssociatedTags and return the entire record set.

INC-161398 · Issue 639852

DataSync SynchronizationResponseStreamer logging enhancements

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.5

The PegaRULES log contained "Response page does not match request, will generate failure response" errors even though no functional impact was observed. In order to enhance troubleshooting, additional DEBUG logs have been to DataSyncHandler, SynchronizationResponseStreamer is now logged on INFO level and contains more detail, and the error message has been modified to "Cannot prepare continuation response because offline package was stale. Will generate reset schedule response." to be more informative.

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