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SR-D37275 · Issue 519028

Enabled PDF attachment for iPad Safari

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.6

It was not possible to select the PDF option when attempting to attach a file while using iPad Safari. This has been corrected.

SR-D42243 · Issue 524579

Added handling for offline mobile attachments using PRFiles and Repositories

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.6

Attaching a file on mobile and then immediately clicking on it to open it either did not open the attachment or the attachment opened and then the app stopped working with a "Sync Failed" error. Attachments were not synchronized on the server, and when synchronization was re-tried the attachment was duplicated on attachment list. This was traced to the system being configured to use PRFile API for synchronizing attachments along with Repositories to store attachments; when the processing "commitAttachment" action was processed, it called the Work-.AttachFile activity to finalize attachment upload, but the activity was called without the mandatory attachment InputStream required when using PRFile + Repositories. This has been resolved by ensuring there is a call to Work-.AttachFile with InputStream in cases where PRFiles and Repositories are enabled.

SR-D50584 · Issue 518442

Security added to retrieving operator list by URL extension

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.6

It was possible to append information to the application URL which allowed an unauthenticated user to find a list of operators. This has been corrected, and will now result in the message "There has been an issue; please consult your system administrator."

SR-D56148 · Issue 537404

Corrected map zoom issue with iOS13

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.6

After including a map control with markers in an application for iOS13, viewing via a mobile app and zooming introduces a gray bar across the map. This has been resolved by setting transform translateZ to the div of address map.

SR-D68810 · Issue 532133

Google street view enabled

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.6

The Google Maps street view control has been enabled by setting streetViewControl to true in pzpega_ui_addressmap .

SR-D70674 · Issue 535483

Handling added for mobile upload of filename containing dots

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.6

An issue with uploading a file name containing dots (such as 2019.12.12) while using the mobile browser has been resolved by updating the AttachFile activity in the propertyExist function.

SR-D73237 · Issue 539125

Pagination updated to resolve repeating Pulse notes

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.6

After adding a case and entering 15 Pulse notes, scrolling down resulted in the notes being duplicated. Investigation traced this to entering more than 10 posts in a single interaction on a previously empty case when "Progressive pagination" was enabled for the repeating dynamic layout. On Private Edit, if the pagination was changed to "NONE" then the issue was resolved. Pagination depends on the pzPagingStartDateTime property, which is set on D_pzFeedParams, but since there were no results in this scenario this property was not being set. To resolve this, an update has been made so that pzPagingStartDateTime will be set if it is empty.

SR-D74246 · Issue 543725

Accessibility improved for Pega Survey Question pages

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.6

Question Pages in Pega Survey lacked accessibility. This was traced to aria-label not being generated for Radio buttons and Drop-downs, and "title" not being generated for other controls used in Question and Question Pages. This has been resolved.

SR-D76927 · Issue 541422

VirusCheck added to all Pulse uploads

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.6

The upload file activity has been updated to invoke VirusCheckActivity for all Pulse uploads.

SR-D28965 · Issue 501859

Repository document deletion modified for better cleanup

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.7

When using documents functionality, creating and uploading a document properly stored it, but deleting the document did not remove the associated files from storage. Whenever a document is created that has a file, instances Of Link-Attachment and Data-WorkAttach-File are also created. Previously, when the document was deleted, the associated instances and actual file were not deleted from the repositories but rather marked as Resolved-Withdrawn and hidden at the UI level. The system has now been updated so that when a document is deleted, the document attachment will also be deleted from all places like list, Tile, and document View, and reference instances like Link-Attachment and Data-WorkAttach-File instance will also be removed along with the actual file from the repository.

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