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SR-D28965 · Issue 501857

Repository document deletion modified for better cleanup

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.4

When using documents functionality, creating and uploading a document properly stored it, but deleting the document did not remove the associated files from storage. Whenever a document is created that has a file, instances Of Link-Attachment and Data-WorkAttach-File are also created. Previously, when the document was deleted, the associated instances and actual file were not deleted from the repositories but rather marked as Resolved-Withdrawn and hidden at the UI level. The system has now been updated so that when a document is deleted, the document attachment will also be deleted from all places like list, Tile, and document View, and reference instances like Link-Attachment and Data-WorkAttach-File instance will also be removed along with the actual file from the repository.

INC-174409 · Issue 661658

Article on "Specifying the content of a product rule" updated

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7.1

The documentation for the 'Class instances to include' section of the Rule-Admin-Product form has been updated to more clearly specify that the report definition used as a filter requires the inclusion of the pzInsKey property in the data returned from the report definition. This can be accomplished by either of the following: * Include pzInsKey 'Edit columns' (Query Tab) section of the report definition. --or-- * On the 'Data Access' tab, 'Row key settings' section, check the 'Get row key' checkbox (it will list the row keys for the class -- pzInsKey should be among them).

INC-195216 · Issue 686911

MSGraph documentation updated

Resolved in Pega Version 8.7.1

The documentation for using MSGraph has been updated to reflect that standard headers cannot be overridden.

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