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SR-C82619 · Issue 421023

JavaILCompiler updated to skip a type convert when generating code for a ternary operation

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3

A compilation error was generated when attempting to save a Data Transform with a java expression giving the ternary as boolean. In this case, the pyWorkPage.Channel was set to  @java("tools.findPage(\"TempInputAccelPage\").getProperty(\"Channel\").getMessageCount()>0") ? "" : pyWorkPage.Channel.

The system previously used EL code generation, which had a gap which allowed such expression to work. Since the system now uses IL code generation, this expression failed. In order to ensure backwards compatibility, logic has been added to  JavaILCompiler to skip a type convert when generating code for a ternary operation where the source is ILProgramText (java expression).

SR-C79523 · Issue 421039

Updated the documentation for enabling debug logging during upgrades

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3

The documentation regarding enabling debug logging during upgrades has been updated to reflect the following information: To enable debug logging during installs, upgrades or prpcUtils invocations: The template logging configuration for installs, upgrades and prpcUtils is located within the scripts/config directory of the Pega Platform distribution. To change what gets logged, modify the prlog4j2.xml file (refer to Some of the utilities involved in the install and upgrade processes use java logging. To impact what is logged by these tools, modify the file in the same directory.

SR-D8794 · Issue 483814

Import ordering shifted to prioritize Functions and Libraries

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3

A runtime error was seen when running DataTransform getbranchandcbsadetails. Investigation showed that when getbranchandcbsadetails was imported, the RUF it referenced was not imported beforehand. To resolve this, the import ordering has been reworked to prioritize Function and Libraries by shifting Rule-Utility-Library and Rule-Utility-Function to be after Rule-Obj-Property* in the import order.

SR-C61277 · Issue 402763

GRS values supported for pxTestEmailConnectivity activity

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2

After upgrade, the global parameter reference did not work in email accounts. This was an unintended consequence of recent email refactoring: although GRS values were being resolved in the activity and shown in the components tested section of the test connectivity gadget, they were not being passed to the pxTestEmailConnectivity activity. This caused the test connectivity to fail if the inputs configured in email accounts were in GRS syntax. To fix this, the SMTPConnectivity and POPorIMAPConnectivity activities of Data-EmailAccount class have been modified to add the GRS resolved values to an emailAccountPage which is passed as a parameter to pxTestEmailConnectivity activity.

SR-C25514 · Issue 392195

Special character handling improved to ensure MTOM binary contains all data

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2

The presence of special characters was causing the data to be truncated when moving XOP elements in the SOAP envelope and encoding them into multi-part binary elements (MTOM). This was traced to Connect SOAP With MTOM Option missing some content in the Response data particularly in conjunction with Websphere using a specific JDK version, and has been resolved by modifying the setOptimizeOnChildren method in PRServiceUtilsPriv class to to get all the content.

SR-C33657 · Issue 401228

Connector and Metadata wizard skip of renaming classes works for very large metadata in Chrome

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2

When using the Connector & Metadata wizard to generate Data mapping rules for Java Bean metadata with an imported jar containing a large number of metadata (over 5000 classes and properties), clicking on the option to skip renaming of classes and properties caused the browser to hang. This was traced to legacy code which was not efficient enough to handle this volume, and modifications have been made to avoid unnecessarily overloading the DOM and triggering onclick addEventListener events multiple times. This reworked skip function works smoothly with Chrome, but as yet does not work with the IE browser due to legacy coding and browser incompatibility issues.

SR-C56744 · Issue 402693

Activation function of RadialBasis now supported in the PMML engine

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2

An enhancement has been added to extend the scope of the neural network evaluator to support RadialBasis Activation function.

SR-C82749 · Issue 419557

Improved security for XXE

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2

Several updates have been made to improve security against External Entity Injection.

SR-C53056 · Issue 398514

Bulk delete updated and NPE handling improved to resolve deadlock when loading data flow landing page

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2

A large number of data flow objects on the data flow landing page were making the system unresponsive, and bulk delete activity would sometimes fail on a null pointer exception when progress could not be retrieved. To resolve this, the bulk delete activity provided in [Data-Decision-Service] pyDeleteByStatusAndTime has been modified to be more flexible by allowing deletions based only a date or a status, and the documentation for the activity itself has been improved. Additional handling was added for a potential null pointer exception, and the activity will continue trying to delete other runs if a null pointer exception does occur. The system will not load a data flow run object anymore (which can cause issues when rules do not exist), and will instead load the run progress directly from the database.

SR-C53650 · Issue 407317

Pega_validators JS updated to resolve popup issue with IE11

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2

A browser popup was not displaying as expected in IE11. This was caused by IE11 not supporting the "startsWith" method, and has been resolved by replacing if (errorElementClass.startsWith("Radio")) with if (errorElementClass.indexOf("Radio") == 0) in the pega_validators.js file.

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