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SR-C49664 · Issue 435310

Updates made for usage validation utility Run report checkbox and buttons

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.5

The 'Review mode only' checkbox wasn't working for any browser, and the 'Run Report' button wasn't working in IE. This has been resolved by updating the javascript used to invoke the Run Report button to be better integrated with IE, and by adding additional handling to set the ID for the checkbox.

SR-C74677 · Issue 418339

ADM pulse timing changed to inprove performance on very large clusters

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.5

ADM uses a pulse that checks if any models need to be updated. This uses a Cassandra query which has no "where" clause, causing poor performance for very large clusters. For immediate relief of this issue, the pulse configuration has been updated to increase the timing from 30 to 300 seconds so it fires less often. Model updates typically happen every x hours and often the pulse will not detect any models that would need to be updated. Further improvements in this process will be available in a future release.

SR-C77730 · Issue 437101

Resolved case lock release improved

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.5

Cases created through the create work object were unnecessarily holding onto locks for up to two hours. This was traced to a defer-write scenario for mobile devices which did not return the correct status needed for "no further assignments". In order to resolve this issue, a new parameter "returnNextActionInfo" of type boolean has been added to svcPerformFlowAction. This parameter will be always set as false when calling this activity from sync up so all locks will be closed and released.

SR-C80622 · Issue 424876

GenerateContainer updated to prefer icon given in skin over hardcoded icons

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.5

When trying to change the Expand/Collapse icon for dynamic layout by defining a custom format in the app skin, changes made in the Expand icon image and Collapse icon image were not reflected. This was due to the CSS selector being overriden with a hardcoded arrow icon instead of automatically taking the icon from the skin rule. To resolve this, the selector and conditions used in have been modified such that the icon added in the skin should be picked automatically instead of any hardcoded icon available.

SR-C81185 · Issue 427995

Accessibility enabled Layout group tabs browsing corrected

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.5

When using Layout group (Tab) or a Tabbed Layout for viewing client information in Tabs with Accessibility enabled, the system was reading each tab and its content but then focus was returning to the browser and tracing through all elements before moving on to the next tab. This was traced to an incorrect tabindex setting in the pzpega_ui_template_layout_header file, and has been fixed.

SR-C83805 · Issue 422760

Logic fixed for displaying Multi-Select control values

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.5

The Multi-Select control loadResults method has been updated to resolve an issue where If two results started with the same phrase, on selecting one of the results the other one was not displayed in the dropdown. In addition, cache handling has been updated to resolve an issue where a Multi-Select control loading on cascading drop-down was loading the previous values.

SR-C84033 · Issue 422746

Added handling for legacy page adaptors to get all messages

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.5

If a validation message was present on the Clipboard, the front-end screen was turning blue and displaying the error "There has been an issue, please consult with administrator". This happened when getMessagesAll was called for pyWorkPage and an auto-populate property was present in the embedded pages/properties. To resolve this, cast has been removed when getting all messages and a new API has been added for legacy page adapters to get all messages.

SR-C84361 · Issue 437601

Added handling for better recovery and reset when using 'When' conditional row deletion

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.5

Given a 'When' condition configured so that a specific row could be deleted, trying to delete another row resulted in the expected error indicating it was not possible to delete that particular row. However, attempting to then delete the row with the 'When' condition caused the same failure error to appear which could not be cleared through clicking on the Refresh button for the section. In order to resolve this, handling has been added for a scenario where Obj-Delete fails and the record is marked for deferred commit. In this situation, the system will revert Obj-Delete by way of Obj-Save-Cancel in @baseclass.pzDeleteRecord so that a subsequent Obj-Delete does not pick up the previous record and fail again.

SR-C84981 · Issue 437816

Setting added to compensate for data volume removed during Cassandra restart

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.5

The DSM/service/replace option was not working correctly for DDS Service if the data volume was not present, causing an issue with being able to perform a rolling restart of DDS nodes when a data volume was removed as part of restart. This has been resolved by Introducing a dnode/cassandra_replace_ip setting that results in adding the cassandra.replace_address_first_boot environment setting to the Cassandra process. The setting is taken into account only if the data volume (cassandra_data) is not present.

SR-C86589 · Issue 436267

Added explicit thread cleanup to resolve case worker portal UI rendering problem

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.5

Creating a case in the case worker portal was resulting in the respective screen being rendered with a distorted UI. This was traced to an issue in topnavigation where the thread was being changed to a base thread and skipping the FlowModalProcess thread removal when the new DC action was triggered. To resolve this, the system has been modified to append "$FlowModalProcess" in harnessOnBeforeUnload if it is missing to make sure the FlowModalProcess thread is removed.

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