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INC-142589 · Issue 595489

Corrected tooltip evaluation for multiselect

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.3

After adding help text for a multiselect help icon with overlay on hover field, the value was not being sourced. Changing to a different type of help text or control type worked as expected. This was due to an error in case sensitivity, using pyToolTip when it should have been pyTooltip, and has been corrected.

INC-142714 · Issue 596554

Recent Cases from different applications available to open

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.3

An enhancement has been added which will allow opening other application assignments in the Recent Cases section of the current application when the user has access to multiple applications.

INC-143005 · Issue 596954

Fluid Overlay displays as expected in Firefox

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.3

After upgrade, using the Overlay format "Fluid" to perform the screening matches task in CLM using Firefox had an overlay that covered the entire screen but was missing the scrollbar to manage the content. This has been resolved by adding changes to support dynamic content (with scrollbar) for center overlay.

SR-C84033 · Issue 422745

Added handling for legacy page adaptors to get all messages

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.2

If a validation message was present on the Clipboard, the front-end screen was turning blue and displaying the error "There has been an issue, please consult with administrator". This happened when getMessagesAll was called for pyWorkPage and an auto-populate property was present in the embedded pages/properties. To resolve this, cast has been removed when getting all messages and a new API has been added for legacy page adapters to get all messages.

SR-D10966 · Issue 475333

IH summary behavior change reverted

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.2

Changes introduced to Interaction History aggregations in 8.1 intended to better align them with the existing behavior of the Interaction History shape in Strategy produced the unexpected side effect of lots of empty records. Based on feedback, the decision has been made to revert the IH aggregation behavior change.

SR-C96456 · Issue 436307

Autocomplete grid scroll bar fixed for large DataPage results

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.2

When autocomplete (default setting) was present inside a grid and the result popup had < 20 results, the scrollbar was not coming up in Google Chrome. This has been resolved by modifying the fixGridWidthIfRequired API to set set vertical scroll to auto.

SR-C97399 · Issue 439742

Button type added to allow grid expand in Edge

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.2

When using an expand pane grid in a modal with the Edge browser, clicking on the expand icon using the enter key was throwing an error in new window. This was traced to an issue with a hidden non-auto-generated button in the pzModalHelp control not having a default type, and has been resolved by adding type="button" in the control so Edge will treat it as a submit button.

SR-D10100 · Issue 463307

Bulk actions filter works properly when additional filters are added

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.2

The Bulk Actions filter was not working if other filters were used in conjunction with it. Investigation showed that when 'assigned to operator' was given a value, the values were fetched properly. When an additional condition was added, the section 'pyBulkProcessingSearchSection' activity called 'pzDefaultOperators' which then set the 'pyUserIdentifier' value to null, and no results were returned. As the activity already had a step to check if the .pyUsage!="Operator" and only then property-set, pyUserIdentifier = "", the subsequent step to set the pyUserIdentifier = "" and override the previous step has been removed.

SR-D10171 · Issue 482472

Updated UtilsEmailListener to handle additional special characters in the email ID

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.2

When the Email Listener tried to map the properties from the email body and message header to the Pega Default out-of-the-box properties or user provided text properties, the mapping worked for simple alphanumeric email IDs, but mapped only the trailing part of the address if the Email ID contained an apostrophe or single quotes. For example, "toast.'[email protected]" was mapped as "[email protected]". This was due to a missed special character in the regex pattern, and has been updated to correctly handle special characters in the email address as specified in RFC 5322.

SR-D10281 · Issue 482814

Configuration settings introduced for VBD read/write consistency

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.2

Exports of VBD data at different consistency levels showed data inconsistency between Cassandra nodes. VBD uses the default DSM consistency level of ONE for its reads and writes, which will not automatically repair data when inconsistency exists. Data inconsistencies can lead to VBD timeouts trying to load partition data. To support VBD read/write integrity, an enhancement has been added to allow configuration of VBD read/write consistency levels by way of the following DSS properties (Owning Ruleset: Pega-DecisionEngine): vbd/readConsistencyLevel and vbd/writeConsistencyLevel. R + W > N where R is the consistency level of read operations, W is the consistency level of write operations, and N is the number of replicas. These will override the default DSM read/write consistency levels (ONE).

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