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SR-C82619 · Issue 421023

JavaILCompiler updated to skip a type convert when generating code for a ternary operation

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3

A compilation error was generated when attempting to save a Data Transform with a java expression giving the ternary as boolean. In this case, the pyWorkPage.Channel was set to  @java("tools.findPage(\"TempInputAccelPage\").getProperty(\"Channel\").getMessageCount()>0") ? "" : pyWorkPage.Channel.

The system previously used EL code generation, which had a gap which allowed such expression to work. Since the system now uses IL code generation, this expression failed. In order to ensure backwards compatibility, logic has been added to  JavaILCompiler to skip a type convert when generating code for a ternary operation where the source is ILProgramText (java expression).

SR-C79523 · Issue 421039

Updated the documentation for enabling debug logging during upgrades

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3

The documentation regarding enabling debug logging during upgrades has been updated to reflect the following information: To enable debug logging during installs, upgrades or prpcUtils invocations: The template logging configuration for installs, upgrades and prpcUtils is located within the scripts/config directory of the Pega Platform distribution. To change what gets logged, modify the prlog4j2.xml file (refer to Some of the utilities involved in the install and upgrade processes use java logging. To impact what is logged by these tools, modify the file in the same directory.

SR-D8794 · Issue 483814

Import ordering shifted to prioritize Functions and Libraries

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3

A runtime error was seen when running DataTransform getbranchandcbsadetails. Investigation showed that when getbranchandcbsadetails was imported, the RUF it referenced was not imported beforehand. To resolve this, the import ordering has been reworked to prioritize Function and Libraries by shifting Rule-Utility-Library and Rule-Utility-Function to be after Rule-Obj-Property* in the import order.

SR-B66795 · Issue 317118

ConvertAttachmentToPDF Activity deprecated as part of PDM removal

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1

As the Pega Distribution Manager is no longer offered as part of the Pega application, the "ConvertAttachmentToPDF" function previously offered as part of PDM 3.3.5 is now [Withdrawn,Deprecated] from 'Pega-ProCom' & 'Pega-ProcessEngine'

SR-B69359 · Issue 337302

Tab header value works for SSO

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1

The Tab header value was not updated with the rule name or Work Object ID when SSO authentication was used with sub-domain URLs. This has been fixed.

SR-B73087 · Issue 343814

Fixed incorrect number formatting application in Spanish locale

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1

Errors were seen for fields having pxCurrency and pxNumber control when using the Spanish locale (es_CR):1. After entering an amount like 917.25 on a field which is configured to refresh section on click/on change, clicking on the field caused the decimal to move and resulted in multiplying the amount by 100 (91725.00) 2. Fields did not allow entering a comma as a decimal delimiter or were stripping the comma. This has been fixed by modifying pzGenerateTextinput assembly to not apply formatting for numbers in some specific locales.

SR-B74459 · Issue 329573

Corrected additional Fork connector

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1

When using a Fork decision shape configured to skip assignment conditionally, an extra connector link appeared in the screen flow. This has been fixed.

SR-B77623 · Issue 346655

Handling added for empty queue in DeleteDeferred

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1

The DeleteDeferred method was setting a step status fail after trying to delete a non-existent queue item. A catch block has been added which will back out if the SLA queue deletion fails.

SR-B78077 · Issue 364120

Documentation updated to assist in fixing UnresolvedAssemblyErrors when resolving RUF rules

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1

To address UnresolvedAssemblyErrors resolving RUF rules, the following help topics have been updated: Selecting-import-file-tsk Importing-cli-tsk Importing-cli-web-tsk To include the following cautions: * Review the archive contents to better understand which rule sets are capped and to determine the relatives risks and benefits of running uncapped rule sets. * Do not import an archive into an active runtime instance of Pega Platform because the archive can overwrite rules in use.

SR-B79034 · Issue 333532

Flow breadcrumbs improved for temporary objects

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1

Issues were seen with navigating a screen flow properly when the work object was temporary. The screen flow contained sections with some required properties and “Allow errors” was checked to support navigating back and forth when there were errors; clicking the breadcrumb to go back in the flow worked, but clicking Next to go forward again did not proceed to the next flow action. This was due to missing validations, and changes have been made to the Complete Assignment function to handle the errors for Temporary and Non-Temporary Cases.

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