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SR-C82619 · Issue 421023

JavaILCompiler updated to skip a type convert when generating code for a ternary operation

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3

A compilation error was generated when attempting to save a Data Transform with a java expression giving the ternary as boolean. In this case, the pyWorkPage.Channel was set to  @java("tools.findPage(\"TempInputAccelPage\").getProperty(\"Channel\").getMessageCount()>0") ? "" : pyWorkPage.Channel.

The system previously used EL code generation, which had a gap which allowed such expression to work. Since the system now uses IL code generation, this expression failed. In order to ensure backwards compatibility, logic has been added to  JavaILCompiler to skip a type convert when generating code for a ternary operation where the source is ILProgramText (java expression).

SR-C79523 · Issue 421039

Updated the documentation for enabling debug logging during upgrades

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3

The documentation regarding enabling debug logging during upgrades has been updated to reflect the following information: To enable debug logging during installs, upgrades or prpcUtils invocations: The template logging configuration for installs, upgrades and prpcUtils is located within the scripts/config directory of the Pega Platform distribution. To change what gets logged, modify the prlog4j2.xml file (refer to Some of the utilities involved in the install and upgrade processes use java logging. To impact what is logged by these tools, modify the file in the same directory.

SR-D8794 · Issue 483814

Import ordering shifted to prioritize Functions and Libraries

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3

A runtime error was seen when running DataTransform getbranchandcbsadetails. Investigation showed that when getbranchandcbsadetails was imported, the RUF it referenced was not imported beforehand. To resolve this, the import ordering has been reworked to prioritize Function and Libraries by shifting Rule-Utility-Library and Rule-Utility-Function to be after Rule-Obj-Property* in the import order.

INC-135719 · Issue 580692

Corrected reference exception for filter on a grid sourced from a parameterized report definition

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.6

An Invalid Reference Exception was thrown after attempting to apply a filter on a grid sourced from a parameterized report definition. This was traced to work done to allow cross-scripting filters to allow filters to contain special characters, and has been resolved.

SR-D69098 · Issue 534042

Export to Excel works for for report definition with duplicate columns

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5

After adding a date column to a report definition (2nd column in the report), the data displayed correctly in the UI but Export to Excel failed with the error "Section 'pzRDExportWrapper' execution error on page '' of class 'Rule-Obj-Report-Definition'. : The Reference .pyDateValue(2) is not valid." This was traced to an out of bounds exception thrown if there were two or more columns with the same calculation. When preparing for export, the column with the duplicate calculation would not get added to the map of report UI fields. To resolve this, the system has been updated to allow report definition columns with the same calculation to be properly mapped to a UI field.

SR-D69108 · Issue 543846

Handling added for drag-and-drop with deleted report templates

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5

After adding a new report, an error appeared when trying to use drag-and-drop to add a column (Page List) from the Data Explorer in the report browser. This was traced to refactor work done to use the Record API throughout reporting: the ruleset on new reports was not being reset from a Pega- ruleset to an application ruleset, causing columns the referenced properties defined outside the platform to be rejected. This use case was missed because case types define their own report templates on creation, but in this scenario those had been deleted. To resolve this, the system has been updated to call pxChooseBestRuleset from pxShowReport in order to enable the use of properties defined in the application prior to saving the report.

SR-D91038 · Issue 553165

Corrected report with combo chart in Case Manager portal

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5

After adding the required columns a report in the report viewer and then adding a combo chart and dropping the summarized column on the y-axes and group by column on X-axis, clicking on "done editing" generated the error "pyUI.pyChart: You must have at least two Aggregate Columns in the chart series .pyUI.pyChart.pyDataAxis(1).pyChartOutputType: A Combo chart requires at least 1 Chart Type be a Column". Investigation showed that the second DataAxis page was getting deleted in the pzCleanChartDataAxis activity, causing the validation to fail. This has been resolved by adding a 'when' rule to "pzChartIsSingleY" that checks for "SingleYAxisClustered" chart and refers the same in pzCleanChartDataAxis to skip the data axis deletion.

SR-D90232 · Issue 555781

Combo charts now support conditional colors

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5

An enhancement has been added to facilitate the use of conditional colors in combination charts.

SR-D83060 · Issue 547919

Repaired History class report column sorting

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5

Attempting to sort any of the columns in a report using the History class did not render the results and the error "Cannot render the section" appeared. Tracer showed a Fail status for some OOTB activities with the message "java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException". Investigation showed the logic in pzMergeAutoGenForProp activity was failing because the pyIsFunction property was not set on the UIField pages for function columns. To resolve this, the logic for pzMergeAutoGenForProp has been modified to get pyIsFunction from the field name.

SR-D65327 · Issue 534571

Backspace keydown handler updated for all textinput modes

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5

Attempting to use the Backspace key to remove input from a number cell (either Integer or Decimal) did not work. When the action was performed by a Manager, the Backspace key works as expected. Investigation showed the logic in the keydown handler for the backspace key in pega_report_events.js was only ignoring the e.preventDefault() call when the textinput node type was text, not number or other input types. To correct this, the keydown handler has been updated so the backspace key in pega_report_events.js maintains the default backspace functionality for all textinput modes, not just those of type 'text'.

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