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INC-136264 · Issue 582469

Chatbot text starts scroll at top of answer

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.8

In order to present an improved interface for customers interfacing with chatbots, the code has been updated so that the recipient's chat scroll will remain at the top of an answer that would scroll off the screen.

INC-175994 · Issue 667480

Removed redundant Microsoft Outlook email interaction chain

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.6

When opening an email interaction case, the email editor user interface area showed the complete email chain of the email for every new message that came in related to the case. This was traced to the difference in the selectors that various email clients use to construct a response to an email with email history in it, and has been resolved by updating the selectors for Microsoft Outlook in pyRichTextEmailHistorySelector so no conversation is repeated when using that client.

INC-184155 · Issue 673073

Entity Detection prefers first detected entity

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.6

Entity detection shown in the "Training data" tab of the email channel did not match with the results of running the corresponding text analyzer rule. This occurred when a single piece of text was detected as multiple entity values, which led to the last entity detected being picked for case mapping because of the unclear scenario of duplicate entities. To resolve this, pxmapresponseentities has been updated to prefer the first detected entity.

INC-184243 · Issue 682331

Page data preserved for WebChat timeouts

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.6

Attempting to change the font size in Webchatbot after the interaction time-out resulted in a DisplayError screen. This was traced to the page data not being available, and has been resolved by preserving workPage and newAssignPage for this use.

INC-184902 · Issue 669451

Corrected portal image display for authenticated request

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.6

Email images for the user portal were not displayed in the browser but were showing correctly in the manager portal. The URL to the image was the same in both cases, however for the user portal the URL request was requiring authentication. This has been resolved by updating the API to use currentsessionURL.

INC-185255 · Issue 669439

More responsive attachment loading for interaction portal

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.6

Attempting to view a large email attachment in the interaction portal was resulting in slow loading and page responsiveness issues. Investigation showed there were numerous unnecessary height calculations happening when checking the dom elements, and this has been resolved with an update which will use the property mapping js file to make the screen more responsive when highlighting.

INC-189819 · Issue 676593

Entity highlight corrected

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.6

In the email channel, the entity value highlighted under "Training" tab was different from the actual value detected. The location where it was detected was also different. This was traced to an inconsistency of the title shown on the UI of training data tab, and has been resolved by updating the title shown on each entity as well as using exit iteration instead of skip step in pyStructureEntity.

INC-190185 · Issue 685502

Chatbot outbound message formatting corrected

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.6

Chatbot outbound responses were displaying appended br tags for next line in the messages. This was due to a formatting error in the menu (message type) title, and has been corrected.

INC-191159 · Issue 682361

Validate topics based on all topics in channel instead of default language

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.6

If a 'When Rule' was used in Email Receiver to provide some conditions, it was not possible to use topics from the dropdown which were trained with training data in prediction studio. This was a missed use case, and was traced to validation being based on the default language topics. To resolve this, the data page has been modified from getting default language topics to getting a union of topics. The datapage for default language topics has also been withdrawn.

INC-192935 · Issue 698694

Inline images retrieved for deferred-load email

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.6

When emails were defer-loaded, inline images with code entered into the non-cache section in pyExtractHtmlFromAttachment were not being displayed. This has been resolved by passing the current page parameter to pyExtractHTMLFromAttachment to convey the pyID.

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