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SR-D87188 · Issue 551349

Mentioned user in Pulse correctly converted to hyperlink

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.3

In the Interaction portal, mentioning a user in Pulse using @ was not converting the name to the user name with hyperlink for Email Interactions. @ mentions were working as as expected in Phone Interactions. This problem was introduced as part of using OWASP to sanitize HTML user input in Rich Text support, and was due to OWASP converting @ to an HTML entity. To resolve this, the @ will be excepted from HTML conversion.

SR-D92688 · Issue 551339

Optional feature to improve pxETReport performance

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.3

Poor performance was seen when using pxETReport. This was caused by the system loading the recent cases widget by looking up all the ET cases within last 30 days, opening each ET case to check if it is from the same pyFrom email address, and then if yes, opening its related service case. On a complex system, this was potentially a slow process. To improve performance, the "Related cases" feature can now be disabled through an overridable 'when' rule.

SR-D63638 · Issue 544015

Performance improvements for opening cases with embedded images

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.3

Opening cases containing email interactions was taking an excessive amount of time. This was traced to the use of embedded images, icons, etc, in the message body and signature, and was caused by the pyGetAttachmentsbyCID activity running multiple times due to discussion threads that were duplicated over and over. In some cases, more than 360 calls to the database were seen. This has been resolved by shifting some case opening processes to executing when the listener thread gets the mail, and storing the results in a .pynote property, and a URL will be used to get images instead of embedding them directly to the HTML. If preferred, this can be reverted to the previous behavior by changing the when rule (pyUseCachedHtmlForDisplay) to false.

SR-D81707 · Issue 544671

Webchat bot interaction box cleared on submit

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.3

After upgrade, when using Google Chrome responses to webchat bot questions were not getting cleared from the chat input window after the enter/send button was clicked. This has been resolved by changing the order of refresh section and set value and disabling submit on refresh when refreshing pzSubmitArea.

SR-D86837 · Issue 547992

Webchat interaction timeout updated

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.3

Interaction timeout was not working as expected in Webchat channels. This was traced to the system looking for total interaction timeout instead of user inactive timeout, along with the Web chat interaction case clipboard page being stale. To resolve this, timestamp propagation has been updated for pxProcess in Work-Channel-Interaction.pxAcquireInteraction.

SR-D80589 · Issue 544840

Check added before clearing Report definition custom filter section page

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.3

When using a Custom Section in the Report Viewer, the Page referred to at the Prefix was getting reset while running the report. Investigation showed the page was being reinitialized in pzCreateCustomFilterPage step 2, and this has been resolved by adding a 'when' rule for clearing the custom filter page.

SR-D91038 · Issue 553163

Corrected report with combo chart in Case Manager portal

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.3

After adding the required columns a report in the report viewer and then adding a combo chart and dropping the summarized column on the y-axes and group by column on X-axis, clicking on "done editing" generated the error "pyUI.pyChart: You must have at least two Aggregate Columns in the chart series .pyUI.pyChart.pyDataAxis(1).pyChartOutputType: A Combo chart requires at least 1 Chart Type be a Column". Investigation showed that the second DataAxis page was getting deleted in the pzCleanChartDataAxis activity, causing the validation to fail. This has been resolved by adding a 'when' rule to "pzChartIsSingleY" that checks for "SingleYAxisClustered" chart and refers the same in pzCleanChartDataAxis to skip the data axis deletion.

SR-D53176 · Issue 541792

Error when adding function filter will persist

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.3

When an exception occurred while adding a filter in the report viewer, the error was shown but cleared due to an immediate refresh of the parent section. Analysis found that step2 of pzGetFiltersFromContent was failing, after which the error was shown, the section reload happened, and the error disappeared. To resolve the error being cleared prematurely, the pzOnLoadReloadReport control has been modified so that when there are messages on the top level page (pyReportContentPage), a parameter will be set on HarnessContextMgr to not to clear them during the next refresh call.

SR-D75097 · Issue 539515

Improved handling against formula injection attacks in Export to ExcelJJ

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.3

Every time a possibly vulnerable cell value was found during Export to Excel, the value on that cell was modified to prevent a formula injection attack. If the value was non numeric, it would still render an apostrophe, although it should be hidden. Previous work on this issue involved the addition of a DSS which allowed this security to be disabled if the Excel was going to be consumed by an external tool, but the security implementation used to protect against calculation injection has reworked the ExcelSecurity utility function to allow the ability to change the cell style of a cell that is potentially vulnerable to formula injection attacks. This change no longer changes the cell value but instead applies a new cell style that has quotePrefix enabled.

SR-D83060 · Issue 547918

Repaired History class report column sorting

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3.3

Attempting to sort any of the columns in a report using the History class did not render the results and the error "Cannot render the section" appeared. Tracer showed a Fail status for some out-of-the-box activities with the message "java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException". Investigation showed the logic in pzMergeAutoGenForProp activity was failing because the pyIsFunction property was not set on the UIField pages for function columns. To resolve this, the logic for pzMergeAutoGenForProp has been modified to get pyIsFunction from the field name.

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