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INC-118918 · Issue 562155

Table Pagination elipses display properly for more than 10 pages

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.2

When a table layout was configured with a report definition as the Data Source, the Pagination format in the grid header properly showed 'Page 1,2,3 ...' if there were fewer than 10 pages, but if there were more than 10 pages the '...' (elipses) were not appearing. This has been corrected.

INC-119669 · Issue 562589

Special character handling added to filters for table sourced with parameterized Report Definition

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.2

Filters were not working on a table when sourced with a report definition which accepted a parameter value containing special characters (Eg: S&P). This has been resolved by using StringUtils.reversibleCrossScriptingFilter in the pzGetGridColUniqueValues activity to allow filters to contain special characters.

INC-125641 · Issue 573386

Column Filter working with class join

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.2

When a class join was configured in the report definition and the report was edited to include new columns from the joined class, a "Filter condition invalid" error appeared in the tracer after adding a filter condition to a new column. This was only observed when the property added was a decimal property, and did not happen for a text property. The filter worked as expected after re-saving the property in the report definition in Designer Studio. This was traced to the data type being passed as "DECIMAL" for decimal fields, which did not match the logic used to set the filter value, and has been resolved.

INC-125752 · Issue 566171

Tab Titles show the correct title on hover of tab name

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.2

When clicking on the case stages information from the Dashboard Case Manager to open the stage information in a new tab, hovering on the tab name displays the title of the case stage name. If there are two stages, clicking on the first stage opened it in a new tab and the title of the tabname on hover was correct. However, clicking on the second stage name to open the other stage in the same tab did not display the correct title when hovering on the tab name. This has been corrected by updating the code for the JSON configuration object.

INC-126483 · Issue 566179

Reports display current format for SUM or Average columns

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.2

After upgrade, the currency format showed as expected ($) for non-aggregated columns, but when a column was changed to be an aggregated column using "SUM" or "Average", the currency format was not shown. This was traced to the activity Embed-ReportHtmlProp.pzMergeAutoGenForProp, which determines whether to format the column or not, and this issue has been resolved by adding a check for AVG and SUM before processing.

INC-127085 · Issue 563458

Arch Chart Min/Max display correctly

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.2

The minimum and maximum on the 270 degree arch chart were not working as expected. The minimum value for the LABEL changed, but the actual range of the chart did not. For example, if the chart label for the minimum values showed as 50, the actual range for the chart was still 0-150, and the first segment of the chart did not display the correct color. This has been corrected by updating the functions for handling chart limits.

INC-127680 · Issue 573012

Extra 'when' check added to visibility of Sort by and Summarize

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.2

When changing filter and sort options while viewing a report, two edit filter pop-ups displayed. Neither would close, and further changes to filter options were blocked. The tracer showed that the pzDisplaySummarizeAndSortBy 'when' condition was True, allowing the Sort by drop down to be visible, causing pzReportConfigSections to create the two popups which then caused issues during the on change action. To correct this, an additional check has been added to the 'when' rule for the Visibility of Sort by and Summarize by so that it does not show any longer.

INC-127723 · Issue 569493

Ad hoc reports saved successfully in private categories

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.2

After upgrade, an error was seen when attempting to save an ad hoc report in a private category. Saving in a public category worked as expected. This was traced to the Rule-Shortcut.Validate activity, which attempted to use the Rule-Shortcut's RuleSet to find the Rule-Category. To resolve the saving issue, the Rule-Shortcut.Validate activity has been updated to do an Obj-Open on the Category instead.

INC-128881 · Issue 566522

Added check for UIInspector privilege to Pega-ScheduledTask-Reporting class

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.2

The pyEnableUIInspector 'when' rule in the Pega-ScheduledTask-Reporting class was not evaluating the presence of pxUIInspector privilege, causing the live UI icon to be visible to users who were not intended to see it in the interaction portal while scheduling reports. This was traced to an error in the related Rule for the 'when', and has been resolved by adding an evaluation of the the presence of pxUIInspector privilege to the pyEnableUIInspector 'when' rule in the Pega-ScheduledTask-Reporting class.

SR-D88419 · Issue 557945

Corrected date formatting for use as a custom filter

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4.2

Given a Report Definition with custom filter section, when the custom filter section had a date property which was used under filters, the filter was not shown as a date. The date was shown properly when the custom filter section was not used. This was related to the date conversion for the locale, and has been resolved by modifying the RRFilters_Logic to remove a check for dates ending in GMT and replace it with a check whether the report uses a custom filter section. This runs the correct logic to render the date as expected.

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