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INC-152776 · Issue 621244

Check added for HTML and linefeed combined in email

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.3

In the Interaction right hand pane Email triage widget, additional line breaks were seen when displaying email message data that contained table tags. This was a missed use case for email which contains both HTML and '\n', which resulted in the system replacing '\n' with </br>. This has been resolved by adding a check whether the content has HTML tags which will avoid the replacement.

INC-156422 · Issue 617382

Updated email triage case creation to avoid unique key issue

Resolved in Pega Version 8.5.3

After upgrade, when the email listener queued the case and an agent picked up the queued item to create an Email Triage Case and then the interaction case, trying to commit the case failed with a Unique Key violation. Investigation traced this to the system trying to insert the record into the PC_WORK_TRIAGE table twice due to a timing issue in the workobject commit. This has been resolved.

SR-109455 · Issue 172370

CSS generation fixed for attaching files after validation failure

Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

After a validation had failed, uploading a file (through the filePath Control) and submitting the flow action resulted in the page loading with no CSS applied. This has been corrected by changing how the uploading wrapper is applied in cases of validation failure.

SR-112147 · Issue 162872

Missing buttons from modal dialogues after manual resize

Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

After a launching a modal dialog from a local action and manually resizing it to make it smaller, selecting another layout from the dropdown menu was causing the re-size icon and OK/Cancel buttons to disappear. To eliminate this problem, the system has been modified to properly reset the height and width of the modal container before displaying the second layout was displayed.

SR-113173 · Issue 163073

Localized ENTER key behavior for IMEs

Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

Previously, hitting the ENTER key during field entry created a new row and moved the cursor to it. However, this was not optimal in environments using IME where the ENTER key is typically used to confirm the input of a character for words (such as using Japanese characters). In order to facilitate input while using IMEs, the system now distinguishes whether or not IME is enabled and changes the result of hitting ENTER while entering text fields to confirm alphabet -> character conversion if IME is in use. If IME is NOT enabled (the user intends to input alphanumeric characters), the default behavior remains as creating a new row and moving the cursor to it. IMPORTANT NOTE: this IME feature is not available using IE8, as IE8 does not support the necessary composition events required for this handling, and hitting ENTER will create a new row as before.

SR-113411 · Issue 172581

Modal dialog box closing correctly from repeating rows

Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

When adding and removing data from a repeating row, the Popup Modal dialog was not closing when the corner (X) button was clicked. This occurred if there was an active grid in the document and flowaction buttons were hidden: the closemodalflowaction api, which is responsible for closing the flowaction modal on click of close icon, assumed the modal was launched from the grid and incorrectly called the grid's cancelModal. This has been corrected.

SR-113506 · Issue 163412

Localization added for previously hard-coded popup

Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

The popup message generated by opening a resolved assignment was previously hard-coded to appear only in English. The message will now reflect the proper localization.

SR-113597 · Issue 163512

Fixed ability to use 'disable work processing' in the dashboard

Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

Setting 'disable work processing' to true caused an NPE when opening a modal window via a Local action from dashboard (assign page class). This was caused by the process attempting to assign properties from a null page, and has been corrected.

SR-113720 · Issue 167454

Page names for specialty components correctly generated as JSON

Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

When using a specialty component that accepts input parameters of type page list, the necessary page list parameter names were not being passed as a JSON object due to the system's inability to reference each of them. To correct this, logic has been added to create page name in cases of page list.

SR-114154 · Issue 162063

Enhanced keyboarding accessibility

Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

Several enhancements were made to improve accessibility. While developing an application for visually impaired users who use the keyboard (rather than mouse) to navigate the screen, it was found that certain input elements did not correctly receive focus under IE8 when tabbing. One issue was that when an element is focused and the parent element is scrollable, the focused element was not being displayed if it was beyond the scroll area. Additionally, some elements were not receiving visual focus with WAI ruleset enabled upon focus. To aid in keyboard navigation, if the WAI ruleset is used, an element receiving focus will also be made visible by scrolling to its position. When the accessibility ruleset is enabled, all elements will now properly receive visual focus. In order to enhance the accessibility of dropdowns in Audit windows, Filter panel width has been increased in Accessibility Mode to display all the dropdowns in the window at once without requiring use of the scroll bar. Furthermore, Accessibility mode for Audit windows has been updated to include the use of the spacebar to toggle settings in the checkboxes.

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