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SR-D32655 · Issue 510345

Enhancement added to hold Change Tracker values until UI is loaded

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4

Sporadically, an agent attempting to answer a queued call within 10 seconds received a loading screen. By the time the load completed, the next agent had already taken the call. This is a scenario where based on a change, the agent was trying to refresh something on the UI (a section or harness) which was not yet loaded/present on the UI. To address this use case, an enhancement has been added to hold the change tracked values and handle them once the UI is loaded. The new function pega.ui.ChangeTracker.prototype.handlePendingCTChanges in pzpega_ui_changetracker.js is used to handle the pending CT changes. A hook has been added in the pzpega_ui_doc_lifecycle js file to invoke the above function once the UI is loaded.

SR-D15395 · Issue 492053

Added DSS to handle BIX extracts under parse delimiter rules

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4

When parse delimiter rules were applied, the File Listener was not parsing the CSV manifest file generated from a BIX extract until the file was resaved. This was traced to a space after a comma in the extracted files, and has been resolved with the addition of a DSS which enables the use-specified delimiter to remove the space after the comma in the manifest files.

SR-D15872 · Issue 494476

Handling added for null result during BIX agent execution

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4

While executing one of the extract rules either manually from the Designer Studio or by using the back end BIX-Agent, an infinite loop caused agent rules to run indefinitely and create a server log size that impacted system performance. This was traced to reading a page from stream that was returned as null due to an exception, preventing the system from proceeding to the next result. To resolve this, the system has been updated to move to the next result if the current result throws an exception and returns as null.

SR-D17825 · Issue 494704

PreSaveAs updated to set the correct ruleset value when saved into a different ruleset

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4

When using a BIX Extract rule already configured with properties and filter criteria, attempting to update the filter criteria system resulted in an "invalid property error" and inability to save the updated rule. This was traced to the extract rule being created from another extract rule with 'save as', resulting in the new extract existing in a different ruleset. Because the pxBixReportPage.pyRuleset had the value of the original ruleset instead of rule set in which it had been saved, the system was attempting to find the filter properties in the original ruleset. To resolve this, the Presaveas activity in rule-admin-extract has been modified to check and set the correct value when both the rulesets are not equal.

SR-D21555 · Issue 501106

Resolved command line BIX/PRPCUtils creating unreachable nodes

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4

BIX and PRPCUtils scripts were creating nodes that showed as unreachable or that were never cleared. This was traced to a code change that resulted in nodes starting as stream nodes unless given a node type or DSS settings, and has been resolved by setting the asyncExecutor/enable setting value as false in the prconfig.xml. The BIX command line JVM argument should also be set to NodeType=BIX.

SR-D22075 · Issue 501345

Wild card character escape added for filtering data records

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4

It was not possible to export data type records which were filtered with either _ or % in the value. This was due to the characters being wild card characters in the SQL-like operator, and has been resolved by modifying the NativeSQLAPIResolver to add escapecharacter to the runtime value of the filter.

SR-D22468 · Issue 502037

Bix extract performance improved by only checking cipher type for encrypted properties

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4

Previously, if no cipher was configured in extract Rules the cipher type defaulted to null and wasn't cached. This caused performance issues when running against the database. In order to improve performance, the code has been modified to only check for cipher type if the property is encrypted. Performance issues were also seen when running a BIX extraction via the command line where the BIX extract was set to extract all properties, the BIX extract rule used Extract to XML, and DisableEpochDateTime and DisableEpochDate settings were not created and thus the default (false) value was used. This slowness was traced to the command line extract not caching the "miss" for the values of the Epoch settings and therefore repeatedly querying the pr_data_admin table for the date and datetime property for each record. Investigation showed that BIX was depending on DASS files that are not shipped out-of-the-box: since the DASSs were not present, the query to retrieve their value returned null and was not cached for future access. To resolve this, the system has been updated to pass default values for the two required DASSs if they are not present, ensuring a value will be cached and the DB query will not be fired unnecessarily.

SR-D23490 · Issue 496577

Interface changes made to avoid unexpected workitem deletions when removing stale locks

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4

Attempting to delete lock instances of work objects by directly opening the lock item found through navigating to (Dev Studio) App > Classes > System-Locks actually resulted in deleting the work item instead of just the lock. This was due to System-Locks being uniquely identified by the WorkItem that they belong to rather than having their own specific key. This meant that clicking on one of the instances caused the system to respond by presenting a "default RuleFormLayout section" which included a delete button keyed to the actual workitem, but this was not made explicitly clear in the interface. In order to prevent unexpected item deletions, the table has been replaced with a link to the proper System-Lock interface, specifically the "My Locks" window.

SR-D25902 · Issue 510083

DSS added for reference Page Group fields extraction using Dictionary

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4

Reference properties were not being resolved when the useDictionary option was set to false, resulting in empty data being extracted from the blob for embedded pagegroup and pagelist properties. To resolve this, a new dynamic system setting in Pega-RULES ruleset, "BIX/enableDictionaryLookUpForDBExtract", has been added to enable dictionary resolution so that the embedded page group reference property values are resolved for extraction. The default value is "false".

SR-D27540 · Issue 502969

Null check added for ObjClass filter value

Resolved in Pega Version 8.4

When a report definition was run with "Starts with" as a filter condition and "Use null if empty" was not checked, the message "An error occurred during resolving the report definition - null java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException" was logged. This did not appear if the filter condition was "is equal" and "Use null if empty" was checked. To resolve this, the system will check for a null or empty value on pxObjClass filter values before processing it for class descendants.

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