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SR-C68134 · Issue 423618

Support added for configuring key stores using prconfig or system properties

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.3

Previously, stream service only supported key store and trust store configuration using Data-Admin-Keystore instances. Unlike cluster encryption, it did not allow the configuration of key stores using prconfig or system properties. In order to align Stream service SSL configuration with the rest of the platform, support has now been added for the following system and prconfig properties:-Dpega.cluster.keyStore -Dpega.cluster.keyStorePassword -Dpega.cluster.trustStore -Dpega.cluster.trustStorePassword

SR-C60247 · Issue 413680

pzRuleFormToolbarPopulateActions works when @ is present in the operator ID

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.3

Using pzRuleFormToolbarPopulateActions to get all the versions of the rule was not working as expected if the '@' symbol was present in the user ID. This was caused by the Rule-.pzRuleFormToolbarPopulateActions activity not forming the private rules correctly in this use case, and has been fixed.

SR-C65381 · Issue 415189

Added check for pyType when refreshing the Declare_pyDisplay Page

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.3

The standard behavior of clicking a link in the left navigation of the Pega Diagnostic Cloud manager portal is to open a new thread which automatically adds/updates the Declare_pyDisplay Page. However, in some circumstances opening the work items and clicking the navigation link followed by a refresh/F5 from the Google Chrome browser caused the Declare_pyDisplayDatapage to become corrupted and either froze the screen or caused a new popup window to open. This was traced to a situation where the parameter "pyType" was not present in one of the cases, causing the system to rely on "harnessName" instead. To resolve this, a check has been added that will retrieve pyType from the docObj parameter page of the pzpega_ui_dynamiccontainer.js file if needed.

SR-C67397 · Issue 416252

Added check for missing rule data when using abstract class in CSS

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.3

Including CSS optimization with abstract class in the Advanced tab of the 'Add Optimization' Screen resulted in a Null pointer exception error. This has been resolved by adding a check for missing data from a rule to make the system more resilient in its handling of a corrupt flow-action clipboard page.

SR-C68069 · Issue 416698

Page group use added to referenced properties context for RDL

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.3

After upgrade, a stack mismatch error was generated by a previously-working configuration that used a nested RDL with a section under Work- class that itself contained an RDL with Data- property that then included a section from Data -- class which contained another RDL that referred to the Work- Page Group. This error was caused by the use case of page group being missed during implementation of referenced properties in ContextProcessor processListNode, which has now been resolved.

SR-C68993 · Issue 416163

Expression exngine correctly evaluates boolean type property with expression

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.3

When using a dynamic layout with a visibility condition expression and 'Run Visibility Condition on client' checked, a condition such as .VehicleDetails != '' && .VehicleDetails = true was not being evaluated as expected after upgrade. This issue was related to changes made to the expression engine to get the initial evaluation result at the server side, and was caused by a missed use case for a boolean type property with expression. This has been corrected.

SR-C69441 · Issue 415967

Copy/Merge Wizard ProcessRequest will create new rule instead of modifying the old

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.3

When using the Copy/Merge wizard to move the rules from one ruleset to another with the "Delete Source RuleSet(s) upon completion of merge" option set to YES, the SECTION rules were still being referred even though the target ruleset was not part of the application stack. In the Tracer, it could be seen that the rule appears in the source ruleset version even though the ruleset did not exist, and attempting to open the rule from tracer or from Live UI caused it to open in the Target ruleset version (which was not part of application). This was traced to the system not updating the cache, leading to RULE-OBJ-ACTIVITY PEGAACCEL-MANAGEMENT-REFACTOR-RULESET PROCESSREQUEST applying an incorrect strategy when updating the rule and rulesets. Because the original rule was never invalidated, its shortcut and entry remained and any references to it weren't updated. To correct this issue in a comprehensive way, the ProcessRequest has been modified to create a new rule instead of modifying the old rule, and pxCreateDateTime will be added to the rulepage before saving.

SR-C69567 · Issue 409190

ICMP ping flag enabled and Hazelcast alerts/info messages added

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.3

Hazelcast Professional Services recommends enabling ICMP ping as a method to detect network failures more quickly. This can also help to determine whether a failure is due to a network outage: if the ICMP ping is successful but the heartbeat timed out, that may be an indication of a unresponsive (GC pause, long running process, etc) node. To facilitate this use, the ICMP ping flag can now be used in conjunction with enabling ICMP ping on EC2 through the security group and enabling ICMP in the Hazelcast configuration.In order to facilitate determining root causes for Hazelcast errors in the logs, the following alerts and info messages have been added: Actionable Events (Alerts): Each of these events is worth noting an alert for. An action may be necessary. - [Partition] Lost - A partition was lost. Possible data loss has occurred - [Lifecycle] Merge Failed - A member’s attempt to merge with the cluster has failed - [Migration] Migration Failed - A partition migration has failed Non-Actionable Events (Info): These events are of interest but don’t require any actions. - [Membership] Added - A new member was added to the cluster - [Membership] Removed - An existing member has left the cluster - [Lifecycle] Merging - A member is merging with the cluster - [Migration] Started - A partition migration has started - [Migration] Completed - A partition migration has completed - [Lifecycle] Shutting Down - A member is shutting down

SR-C69729 · Issue 414921

Improved security for XXE

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.3

Several updates have been made to improve security against External Entity Injection.

SR-C69729 · Issue 414928

Improved security for XXE

Resolved in Pega Version 8.1.3

Several updates have been made to improve security against External Entity Injection.

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