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SR-103429 · Issue 136984

Rule-Service-Java authentication in a stateless session re-enabled

Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

When exposing Rule-Service-Java through a service package, a proxy jar file is created. If the 'Requires Authentication' option was checked on the service package, the generated java did not contain the required code to pass through the username/password and authentication failed. This method of passing credentials via proxy method parameters was previously withdrawn for the stateless processing mode, but the java code has been reinstated to enable authentication for a stateless session if this method is desired.

SR-106939 · Issue 176612

Added support for skipping explicit validation in tabbed screen flow

Resolved in Pega Version Pega Platform, Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

When using a tabbed screen flow harness in the application and uploading a file using the "FilePath" control, there is a check in the post activity of the flow action of the first screen to see if the user has browsed a file. When the user proceeds to the next screen by clicking 'next', the file is validated and attached to the work object. However, if instead of clicking on the Next button the user clicked on the tab to go to the next screen, the validation failed and the file was not attached. This problem was traced to the 'GoToPreviousTask' activity failing to pass the parameter page in this scenario, and has been fixed by adding a new step to update the existing parameter page with necessary parameters to allow validation and attachment when skipping the 'next' button.

SR-108009 · Issue 154664

Execution plan reuse on SQL Server 2008 R2

Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

Due to the way a SQL server treats execution plans, each decimal bind value with a different scale is treated as a different type. To optimize the execution, the scale value for the execution plans will now be set the same as the table definition for obj- methods.

SR-108346 · Issue 166436

Corrected purging for History and Attachments

Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

A problem was found with purging the History and Attachments for cover and folder items. This was traced to history tables using datetime columns as key properties: many databases round these values to less precision than PRPC uses, and the keys did not match. The purgeitems function has been updated to delete the instance specifically and bypass recalculating the InsKey.

SR-108805 · Issue 149539

Help updated to explain When Rule "ALL" Evaluation behavior

Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

A 'when' rule evaluating all pages in page list will only evaluate the properties on pages in the list that contain that property. This may cause a "true" result that does not match customer expectations. The hover help has been clarified to explicitly state that the evaluation results apply only for those pagelist entries where the property exists and not for all the page list entries.

SR-108838 · Issue 154989

Increased limit for Rule_Obj_CaseType

Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

Previously, Rule_Obj_CaseType was encountering a byte limit of 65535 in the JVM that impeded the ability to create a desired large number of coverable work types (54+). The system code has been modified to store the rule types differently to avoid generating extra lines of java code for each coverable case type.

SR-109455 · Issue 172370

CSS generation fixed for attaching files after validation failure

Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

After a validation had failed, uploading a file (through the filePath Control) and submitting the flow action resulted in the page loading with no CSS applied. This has been corrected by changing how the uploading wrapper is applied in cases of validation failure.

SR-110773 · Issue 160105

WorkPage now properly deleted after rule checkin

Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

There was an issue with rule check-in where it created the WorkPage with the obj-class Work-ProjectManagement-CheckIn, but it did not delete WorkPage when the check-in was complete. To address this, protective code has been added that checks the class of WorkPage for the existence of expected properties in order to properly handle the related clipboard pages.

SR-111606 · Issue 163137

Improved consistency with multiple class inheritance rules

Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

A gap in the handing of multiple class inheritance was causing an issue with the consistency in picking the correct rule from a cache. If the entry was placed in a class where the applies-to class of the rule could not see it, that entry was missed from invalidation later on during the save. This could be temporarily remedied by clearing the cache, but the rule handling has been updated to consistently choose the correct rule from the cache under multiple inheritance.

SR-111889 · Issue 157259

Some SOAP calls with WSTRUST generated exceptions in customized environments

Resolved in Pega Version 7.1.7

In some heavily customized environments, a SOAP connect call using the WSTRUST element generated an exception. This was due to uneven handling of the local custom elements in the SOAP STS request, and has been resolved by adding a method to pick up all custom code based on the tag in policy document.

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