Selecting a model for deployment

Export your generated predictive models into instances of the Predictive Model rule and use them in strategies.

Note: For more information, switch your workspace to Dev Studio and access the Dev Studio help system.
  1. In the Model selection step, select a model to export.
  2. From the Manage drop-down list, select a file format:
    • To capture the key details of the model development process and save them in a PDF file, click Model report as PDF.
    • To download an OXL file for the model, click Save to file.

      These files can be used directly in batch configurations in DSM.

  3. In the Save model section, define a predictive model:
    1. Select the context for the rule instance.
    2. In the Apply to field, enter the parent class in an open ruleset of the Predictive Model rule.
    3. Select the ruleset and branch. Click Finish.